FiiO Q5S Review - Amp-up your smartphone


When it comes to sound performance, Q5S shown attitude, balls and lots of control even for harder to drive headphones. IEM users can sleep tightly as Q5S is exactly what doctor ordered.

It is small and portable, yet the sound it produces is grand and wide and that can be spotted from the first moments. It really resembles a high-quality desktop DAC and headphone amp unit.

If you want to send an unaltered Bluetooth signal to it, the best Bluetooth codecs will come to the rescue, as at this moment Q5S is supporting all the best BT codecs including the widest range from the BT version 5.0.

It really deserves the flagship status in FiiO’s DAC/Headphone amp line of products, at $350 I consider it better sounding than the on-stage Chord Mojo and at this price you can’t go wrong with it.


Author: Sandu Vitalie;

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