's masterpiece! Feiao FA9 Flagship Unit 6 Lou's Working Iron Earplug Experience

six-unit Lou's moving iron, priced at 3998 yuan, has been on the market for several months since Feiao's flagship earplug FA9 entered the high-end market. Since I got it, FA9 has accompanied me through the whole epidemic period. FA9 is an important flag for Feiao to enter the high-end market. With the previously released 10,000-level M15 player, how does Feiao's "double emperor" perform?
from the outside to the inside, Feiao's current technological level has reached a very high level. The packaging box of FA9 is excellent in both texture and quality. Compared with foreign brand products at the same price, domestic brands seem to be ruthless about the external quality of finished products.
is the same as the previous FA7 placement, FA9 is only directly embedded in the sponge pad, this design can best protect earplugs, at the same time can be visually presented, and photos are also beautiful.
Feiao, a large accessory factory, has always been willing to pay for the cost of auxiliary materials, randomly15pairearmuffs can already meet all kinds of listening needs.

, let's talk about the appearance. The mold of FA9 is made of German transparent resin 3D printing process. The overall grade is very high and has great impact. Feiao has used this process more than once,3Dprinting cavity, which means that glue is not needed,level is becoming more and more exquisite. Diamond-like panels with section texture are also a highlight of FA9. Under the light source, various light effects will be reflected, and the visual experience is very good.
beautiful FA9, girls should also like it.
high-end products adopt customized male models, and FA9 is no exception. This model makes FA9 easy to wear. Six Lou's moving iron units are installed in the FA9 mold, two high-frequency 31736, two medium-frequency 33877 and two 31618. The four-frequency structure and low-frequency labyrinth catheter design are adopted to ensure full frequency coverage. Although the unilateral earplug has 6 moving iron units, its unilateral weight is only 6.2g, and there is almost no burden to wear.
Low frequency is based on labyrinth catheter design, and the catheter length reaches 80mm. This low-pass filtering is mainly to filter out medium and high frequency clutter and ensure the accuracy of frequency division and the purity of bass.
three-stage tuning design is a feature of FA9. Through different collocations, 8 different timbres can be presented. The dial key 1 is a switch to adjust the sensitivity, which can realize high impedance and low impedance; 2 is the high-frequency lifting and attenuation dial key; 3 is the low-frequency lifting and attenuation dial key. Players should pay special attention to this tuning match, random adjustment is prone to frequency band fragmentation. As far as I am concerned, the choice is 1 on, 2 off, 3 on, easy to push, comfortable voice, is a better timbre state.
FA9 wire plug-in port is MMCX interface, standard is 8 single crystal copper silver plated wire, the quality of this wire is good, players do not need to upgrade the wire separately, except for players who need to balance the wire.
with Feiao flagship M15 player, Feiao's strongest combination.
thanks to the use of male mold modeling and high-grade resin materials, the lightweight architecture brought by 3D printing process at the same time, although FA9 is not small in size, it can be said that it has no burden when wearing, and the overall comfort and skin-friendly effect are excellent. Among high-end products, FA9 hardly chooses the front end and is an easy-to-drive earplug.
in the high-sensitivity mode, you can get a good sound effect with the M5 that Feiao started. If you match a mobile phone at will, you won't feel that the sound will not come out. In order to present the best results, we mainly matched Feiao M15 for audition.
, Feiao has almost always been in a balanced tuning style, with less tone and color. When listening to it at first, it was as plain as water, and it had a different taste after a long time. The same is true of FA9. The sound bottom of FA9 is clean and clear, and the amount of information and resolution is very good, especially in the middle and low frequencies.
FA9 has a strong sense of human voice sticking to the ears, which belongs to a natural listening style and has good sound binding power. Replay Cai Qin's "Ferry", the voice does not show old age, has the characteristics of light and smooth, Cai Qin's voice is full and magnetic, and has a touch of sweet charm. When expressing male voices, the timbre is full of magnetism, the sense of quantity is denser, the sound line is more textured, the emotion is in place, and the sense of substitution is very good.
In the low frequency band, we mainly audition through drum music and violin. Its bass is elastic and textured, with both strength and speed. The drum is strong and full of quantity. It is stable and not scattered. In terms of sound field and momentum, FA9 is slightly lacking, and the sound is somewhat tight, resulting in stuffy in it and not fluffy enough.
the characteristics of FA9 treble, the sound bottom is clean and transparent, the playback string is compact and rich in texture, and the female voice is full of emotion. Its analytical power is good, it extends naturally, and can listen to the overtones. FA9 high frequency takes into account both stable and bright, without sharp bright and distorted listening feeling, not messy, and not tired after listening for a long time.
Generally speaking, FA9 priced at less than 4000 yuan has an experience that its color value exceeds its value and its sound quality does not belong to its color value. Its appearance is very beautiful, the production technology is top-notch, and the six-unit Lou's moving iron is also very capable of playing. Although the sound quality adjustment is not perfect, there is no obvious short board. The three-stage balanced design can eat all kinds of music styles.

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