Super Multi-Material Power, THX Balanced Decoding Earrator Q3 is available online!

With the gradual development of portable players and streaming media music, audio equipment has more choices. Among them,THX Balanced Decoding Earrator Q3is a high-quality scheme with binding as fun. As Feiao's brand-new portable decoding earpiece product, Q3 has achieved nearly comprehensive hardware configuration in a thin enough volume, with outstanding cost performance.

this, many professional media have made positive comments on Q3 since its debut:

"The addition of THXAAA technology makes the overall sound very clean, without too much sound dyeing, and can present more details to the user, and the sound field has become wider. In general, Q3 has turned an ordinary smartphone into a mid-range entry player in an instant. "-- ZOL Zhongguancun Online

"If you often use 4.4mm/2.5mm balance line headphones to switch between Hi-Fi players and mobile devices or even PCs, the increased convenience brought by Q3 can completely cover up the disadvantages in terms of volume. What's more, Q3 has a dual THX earpiece balanced output, and the thrust and sound quality have risen a big step." -LOXPO

"Both smartphones and laptops can increase sound quality through Q3 when they are used outside. It has more new technologies, which means that unlike hard-core Hi-Fi products, it has become better in terms of adaptability and experience." -earphone ears

from November 16, Q3 will be officially sold online at 998 yuan.In order to help more friends learn more about Q3, Feiao encourages everyone to share their experience of using it, and we will also give it to users who provide real experience.a two-way Type-C data line LT-TC1 worth 58 yuan.

1. participation approach

Step 1:Take 5 or moreQ3 Meitu, prepare the text you want to say (not less than 50 words);

Step 2: InJingdong/Tmall/TaobaoPost Bar/Everyone's Forum/Headline/Zhihu/Community/Weiboany platform to post your pictures and texts (share more than 5 pictures), friends who buy in physical stores only need to share them on social platforms;

Step 3: Contact Feiao's official customer service: Tmall "fiio Feiao Flagship Store" customer service, customer service QQ:4000426826, WeChat public number "Feiao", and choose any one of the three platforms to contact;

Step 4: Send"screenshots of orders, clear anti-counterfeiting labels on the outer package, clear photos, social circles, share screenshots.


1. In any case, once you apply for a refund, you must return the gift at the same time (you do not need to return the replacement);

2. Orders are restricted to mainland China, excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;

3. If you have any questions, please contact Feiao Customer Service (leave a message in the dialog box after the public number searches for "Feiao"). Customer service online time: 9:00-18:00 on weekdays;

4. within the scope permitted by law, the final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Guangzhou feiao electronic technology co., ltd.

come and have a Q3, let it deliver real and moving voice to you all the time ~!