10mm LCP diaphragm | Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits

Front-rear cavity balanced pressure relief | Liquid die-cast zinc alloy faceplate

Triangular ergonomic shape | Lightweight at only 7g per unit
0.78 2pin detachable cable | Aluminum alloy sound nozzle

Two color choices | Hi-Res Audio certified

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Selling points

10mm LCP diaphragm (dome)

Liquid die-cast zinc alloy faceplate

Front-rear cavity balanced pressure relief

Independent DSP audio chip Built-in decoding,supports up to 96kHz/24bit

0.78 2pin detachable


Two color choices

Wide compatibility

Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits

5 built-in sound presets

FiiO JD1/JD1 TC are all Hi-Res Audio certified

Gateway into audio, a great starting point
Entry-level all-arounders JD1

The J series of earphones created jointly by FIIO x Jade Audio have been praised by users for their simple yet elegant style and great sound quality all at low prices.
With users being confused by the myriad of choices in IEMs currently on the market, the new JD1 dynamic IEMs are a breath of fresh air. The JD1 provides a great starting point for users looking to get into HiFi earphones, bringing great sound quality from a trusted brand at an affordable price.

All-arounders, for all scenarios
Great at everything! 

Game master


The included cable with in-line controls and microphone* allow you to quickly relay info to your teammates, while the JD1’s accurate sound positioning gives you an edge over your enemies. 



*Included cable comes with HD microphone with in-line controls – middle button used for answer/hangup and play/pause; top and bottom buttons used to adjust volume.

Monitor and editor


The sound is uncolored yet detailed to help you accurately adjust the audio in your creations.

Immersive watching


Professionally tuned sound means rich bass and a magnificent sound stage to better immerse you in your entertainment.


Enjoy HiFi


Music sounds truly high-fidelity with a highly detailed, low-distortion yet smooth sound.

High-end audio democratized, more robust power
Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits

FIIO’s asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit design has been used in several other products, including the FT3, “Little Conch” series of IEMs, and other products. Now, this technology has made its way into the JD1. Compared to the traditional design of a single internal magnet or a single external magnet, the asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits design effectively increases magnetic field density around the voice coil – leading to a more powerful and robust sound as well as improved transient response.

Conventional external magnetic circuit analog simulation

Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits analog simulation

High quality, comfortable too
Front-rear cavity balanced pressure relief

The JD1 aims to make all parts of the listening experience great. The JD1 is equipped with front-rear cavity balanced pressure relief technology, which not only allows the dynamic driver to move more freely for better bass but also reduces pressure on your eardrum for more comfortable listening.

Despite its entry-level status, the JD1 features great quality like its FIIO siblings. The new JD1 features a strong yet light magnesium alloy construction that is liquid die-case and hand-polished, resulting in not only an attractive IEM but also a luxurious feel rarely found in entry-level earphones.

Bringing out the zinc
Liquid die-cast zinc alloy faceplate

Room for upgrades, unlocking great potential
0.78 2pin detachable cable

The JD1 features a 0.78 2pin detachable cable, allowing you to later upgrade to other headphone cables to further unleash the potential of the IEMs.
The earphone connectors also perfectly curve around your ear for comfortable wearing.

Like it’s not there, “0”  load
Lightweight at only 7g per unit

The JD1 is lightweight at only 7g per ear unit. This allows it to almost disappear in your ears for comfortable long listening sessions.

The JD1 features a triangular ergonomic shape, specially designed so that it is both comfortable to wear while remaining stable in your ear, allowing you to listen to high-quality sound worry-free.

Listen calmly, listen worry-free
Triangular ergonomic shape

Aiding sound into your ear, for faithfully reproduced sound
Aluminum alloy sound nozzle

True quality lies in the details. The JD1 features an aluminum alloy sound nozzle which is not only durable, but also ensures stable high-quality sound by ensuring every sound wave vibration reaches your ears, allowing you to further immerse yourself into the music.

Abundant accessories

① -------------------------------------JD1 TC earphones*1               ② --Type-C earphone cable*1/3.5mm earphone cable*1

③--------------Ear tips S/M/L*3 pairs (M pre-installed)

④------------------------------------Quick start guide1*

Entry-level earphones should be well made in order to let more users experience the wonders of high-fidelity sound. To that end, after evaluating many options the development team equipped the JD1 with a 10mm liquid crystal polymer (LCP) dynamic driver. Being both lightweight and highly rigid, this driver is fully capable of providing rich and powerful bass, able to bring out the impact of instruments like drums. And thanks to the development team’s careful tuning, the driver is also highly detailed and low in distortion like a proper set of HiFi earphones, for a clear and natural sound.

Lowering the barrier to entry-level HiFi
10mm LCP dynamic driver

Obsidian black: The mirror-finish black faceplate and the black shell seamlessly integrate with each other, for a demure yet elegant look.

Two color choices

Transparent: The exquisite matte silver faceplate is a perfect complement for the transparent shell, for a dynamic yet stylish appearance.

JD1 is available in either obsidian black or transparent colors

Excellent frequency response comes from careful tuning
Have a conversation with the engineer

“Thanks to the LCP material applied to the diaphragm dome, the JD1’s high-frequency bands between 8kHz-20kHz have the ability to overpower its peers with excellent performance. This not only allows listeners to feel the vibration of the strings through the JD1, but also allows gamers to sense the enemies or opponents at the first time when playing games.


The JD1’s 300Hz-20Hz bass bands also impress us with more bass sense than its peers. Whether you are watching movies, sensing the roaring and exploding engines in the game, or listening to the drum or bass, the JD1 is like a theater with a subwoofer, allowing you to totally immerse yourself in it.


In the 2kHz-5kHz band, we have adjusted the gain of the JD1 according to HRTF. This makes for a grand sound stage for games and movies, fully reproducing the spirit of music. 

The 6.5kHz band of the JD1 was conservatively adjusted to balance the mid- and high-frequencies, as well as effectively control the sibilance and harshness.

Engineer Of FIIO IEMs R&D Center

Basic specifications

Wearing method: Around the ear in-ear monitor

Driver: 10mm LCP dynamic driver

Decoding support: Up to 96kHz/24bit (JD1 TC)

Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 24Ω@1kHz

Sensitivity: 109dB/mW@1kHz

Cable material: OFC oxygen-free copper

Cable length: About 120cm

Single unit weight: About 7g (excluding cable)

Headphone connector: 0.78 2pin detachable cable

Audio plug: Type-C(JD1 TC)

                 High-quality gold-plated copper 3.5mm(JD1)

Hi-Res Audio certified

The FiiO JD1 series of earphones have been certified by the JAS (Japan Audio Society) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) to be hi-res audio capable, a testament to its ability to faithfully reproduce the music as the artist intended. 

Built-in decoding Fully compatible

The FiiO JD1 series of earphones are available in Type-C and 3.5mm versions, making it compatible with various kinds of devices.


Device with 3.5mm port Please choose the JD1 with 3.5mm plug,which is commonly used for audio.

Device with no 3.5mm port,only Type-C Please choose the JD1 TC with Type-C connector,to enjoy lossless decoding via the DSP.

Built-in decoding, Easy way into HiFi Independent DSP audio chip

The JD1 series of earphones are designed to not only be affordable but to also be a simple and direct way to enter the world of HiFi. Thus, built into the new JD1 TC is a DSP audio decoding chip that supports hi-res audio up to 96kHz/24bit making it more than capable of handling most streaming audio specs without any further equipment. Additionally, compared to typical audio chips on phones and computers, the JD1 TC’s independent DSP chip located in the USB Type-C plug can better analyze the audio signals coming through and can more faithfully reproduce the music – making for a better listening experience.

Simply plug and listen,  anytime anywhere Widely compatible with many mainstream OS

The JD1 TC utilizes a digital USB Type-C port with support for mainstream OS like iOS/Android/Windows/Mac, allowing you to simply plug and play to start listening.

Your music, matching your personal taste 5 built-in sound presets

There simply isn’t one good sound that fits all. FiiO engineers specially created 5 different sound presets for the JD1 TC – default, bass extension, treble, vocal, and Harman reference. To switch between the different sound presets to match your exact preferences, simply press the “+” and “-“ buttons on the in-line controls at the same time.