Black or White? The Bluetooth Amplifier FiiO μBTR is Now Available in Black!


Bluetooth Audio-- Is it still BAD? With FiiO's Bluetooth amplifier BTR-series device, you can easily get a pair of great Bluetooth headphones.


After the μBTR in white being available on the market for about 5 months, it convinced the public that the handy and compact μBTR is a good starting point. That's why we make one more Black color for option.


The μBTR provides a very practical solution to the omission of a headphone jack on modern smartphones. Even if you have a headphone jack, there's still benefits owing to it's support to aptX, SBC and AAC, and you'll have the convenience of wireless by being able to detach from your phone. Not to mention it has so many other features like NFC pairing, easy access to Siri, Type-C connector, microphone for voice calls, etc.


Check the detailed introduction of μBTR at:


The delivery for μBTR black starts today! If you are in the mind of getting one, check with local agents (>>Where to Buy) for its availability in your country or kindly buy it at our Aliexpress store (>>Click here) if it's not available in your local market.


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