FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.0.2 for M9


The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.2 compared to the FW1.0.1 on M9:

1. Added some more 3rd-party apps to white list, including JOOX, ES file manager, Bandcamp, and Sony headphones;

Note: You can copy the apk file of the qualified app to the M9’s internal memory or external Micro SD card, then open the File Management app, locate and click on the apk file to install it.

2. Added “Maximum volume setting” and “Fixed volume setting” (in Settings -> Audio);

Maximum volume setting: The volume only can adjusted to the set value.

Fixed volume setting: it will take effect once it’s set, and the volume will be changed to the set value every time when device starts.

3. Added firmware update change log (can be viewed by next update);

4. Added the function of auto entering the Now playing interface;

Note: The player will automatically switch to the Now playing menu after selecting a song to play.

5. Fixed issue where the length of the certain MP3 tracks was displayed incorrectly;

6. Fixed issue where the tracks downloaded by 3rd-party apps could not be scanned;

7. Fixed issue where the player could not enter Main menu when certain build-in apps, such as Gallery, was stopped;

8. Fixed issue where the controlling area of the play progress bar might be too wide, which might cause misoperations;

9. Fixed issue where there would be prompt about repairing the MTP driver disk after connecting with the computer;

10. Fixed the noise issue when using the player as a USB DAC for the computer and then playing 176kHz or 192kHz via Bluetooth;

11. Improved the coulometer display;

12. Updated the Tidal app version;

13. Miscellaneous bug fixes;

Note: 1) If the length of the MP3 tracks still can not display correctly, please try to reset the media library on FiiO Music app firstly, and then scan songs to test again.

          2) Here is the download links about the 3rd-party app in the M9's white list: click here.

M9-Firmware 1.0.2 dowload link: click here

USB DAC Driver(v4.47.0)click here

Instruction of instaling USB DAC driver on Windows computerclick here

How to upgrade the M9: 

1. The M9 supports online upgrade. If a new firmware is available and detected (with the M9 connected to Internet), you will find update notification in the notification center. Then you can click on it to enter the update menu for online upgrading. 

2. The M9 also can be upgraded locally using firmware package:

a) Dwonload the firmware file from FiiO website then copy the firmware package file to the micro SD card;

b) Open "Technical Support" app on the M9, click "Firmware Update", and select the firmware package file to upgrade.