FiiO Releases the LB-4.4M--4.4mm Female to 2.5mm Male Balanced Adapter


There are several standards of connectors for music device and earphones available on the market. It's easy for customers to face the issue of inconsistent connectors on the music device and earphones, that's why the adapters are needed. FiiO has released the adapters LL-4.4M (3.5mm male to 4.4mm female), BL35 (3.5mm male to 2.5mm female) and BL44 (4.4mm male to 2.5mm female) before, you can find them at:


What's new today is the LB-4.4M--4.4mm Female to 2.5mm Male Balanced Adapter. With the adapter LB-4.4M, you can easily use your 4.4mm balanced headphone on a device with 2.5mm headphone jack. The LB-4.4M uses high quality HPC-23T PCOCC-A wire manufactured by Oyaide Electric of Japan in the wiring, resulting in a sound with timbre that sounds noticeably more refined. It’s only 200px long, which allows you to plug and play easily.


Check out the detailed introduction of LB-4.4M at: >> About LB-4.4M


If you are in the mind of getting one, go and check with our local sales agent (at >> Where to Buy) for its availability or kindly buy it at our Aliexpress store if it's not available in your local market at: >> Click here


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