, the best CP

personally think that FIIO's annual CP is often worth losing. Well, just sauce. Then: Please look at the picture

has been red and blue since ancient times. When reading brochures, I was worried about whether the real thing would jump on the street. As a result, I was beaten by fa7 material and wearing feeling. Rubbing small hands, shaking small jio, Lou's 4 units, looking back on the price, worthy of hifi industry pressure supplier benchmark enterprise, four words-frenzied.

FA7 is the first time that Feiao earphones have adopted the combination scheme of Lou's four-moving iron. Feiao is not easy. The triple jump from circle to circle and then to circle. Step by step, it can be said that it is the accumulation of tuning manufacturing strength step by step. The most commendable thing is that it does not directly run to the iron. Although everyone thinks that iron is the mainstream of the market, it is also the main force that major, feiao was only after the success of the f9 f9pro fh5 three rounds of iron that he carefully introduced the FA7, which is really implicit (after all, the strength is there, it is easy to drink their own products and fight if you push too fast). It is said that the player department next door is relatively full of firepower, and when you produce good things, you will come out, and you will not be able to feel the feelings of your predecessors.

, in the aspect of the whole cavity modeling, Feiao also has the advantage of late appearance. It has avoided the old way of resin mold turning and directly went to the 3D printing process. Although private mold is not supported now, the wearing feeling of this male mold is quite comfortable. In fact, as long as the ear canal data is used, the private mold will be adjusted for you in minutes (now the technology thief is developed, should I set up an ear canal scanner to earn, and for Feiao's production capacity, quantity is definitely the first ~ ~ It is estimated that customization will be supported only when it comes to a higher end. After all, costs and profits must be accounted. The earphone adopts a standard four-frequency design, with scores such as three catheters and three catheters. I don't know if there will be a model with exchangeable catheter ratio in the future (this idea is based on the following listening feeling), which digs off the topic.

voice, the voice of FA7 is very implicit, a very classical plug, because my feeling of the plug is still in the category of moving circle, although the first plug is 299, the plug of moving iron that I listen to later has too much personality, and nothing else can be done. The three frequencies must be very bright. FA7 can be said to be the real three-frequency equilibrium, the real three-frequency equilibrium ~ ~ is too out of mind, honest, get the middle frequency of the world ~~ FH5 is very clever, so if popular listening too much, I think FH5 is a better choice, also cheap (feel to be beaten) ~

FA7 is still the expressive force of three frequencies. In fact, many people say that fiio products are plain boiled water. In fact, it is very difficult to make plain boiled water. Everyone knows the bucket effect. It is no more simple to make everything flat than to make a single item. Why is it a classical plug, this is awesome ~ ~ think about it, listening to the classical, each part of the voice is presented in the mind evenly and stereoscopically, the violin will not suddenly pat the face, the timpani will hammer the chest, and it is still very good to change the appetite without monosodium glutamate plug. In fact, to say so much, it is actually a plug whose personal voice is not high, because most of the plug voices on the market are high, after all, everyone likes singers in your ear. What I want to say is that the balance is FA8 ~~~ classical plug (of course, I don't know whether it can be changed by changing pickles, but it remains to be determined)

, if you are a classical genre and don't like face-to-face vocals ~~ fa7 is a cost-effective four-unit dynamic iron. Just sauce

finish c and continue to say p

P is M9. Jianghu is called bucket machine because it can do anything. Since you can say anything..... Then don't talk about it

is it not the first machine in FIIO history that has finally overtaken the position of X3k MOD version in my heart ~ ~ it is really touching. since fiio changed its product line, the first machine with a taste of po mouth pushed the above boiled water super match. I think the manufacturers have always had a routine, so I gave them the best CP of the year, just feeling that the name is not very cp.

M9 lies in the interactivity of the body. He is a player, he is also a Bluetooth transmitter, he is also a Bluetooth receiver, he is also a dac, and he is also a wifi streaming media player..... He is a fiio engineer. In the first half of the year, all the products of the product mesh together with a multi-functional portable player solution. This is not a player, this is a solution... To be more popular, he can directly insert a foot into your existing system. Is there multiple reasons for buying? Do you think what I said is very reasonable? To be more popular, eat all Bluetooth headsets in the market ~ No matter what transmission format. (Hwa is supported. At first, I was skeptical about this transmission protocol. After listening, I felt that it was OK, quite OK, very OK)

feel that FIIO can start to be a small machine. I have always felt that FIIO's Lo will never drop the line. The next door cable 6w is on the market ~ I am a baby who likes to use Feiao LO to pick up all kinds of small things. What kind of taste do you want to hear, just let it go ~ Goethe Party said it had been miserable and miserable before. Only with good LO expressive blessing can po have unlimited imagination ~ the brain is fully opened ~ the 200 Goethe has a 2k rhythm ~ well

another thing is that the deeply customized operating system supports app, babies ~ what are you waiting for ~ buy a shrimp music member ~ full membership bully (the cycle is that I want to install an itune is) ~ I believe that all kinds of music app will have more and more comprehensive reserves of lossless data sources in the future ~ after all, baking songs is painful ~ taking doctrine is enjoyable.

is written at the end ~ the highlight of the whole body is RGB lights, which is not used to indicate the format for me, but to remind me whether the player is playing.. Don't stop playing it carelessly all the year round ~! Super milk.

sauce ~

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