FiiO M7 Portable High Resolution Music Player Review

While obviously most people use their smartphones to listen to music regardless of where they are at there are always those demanding users who want better audio quality and this is where music players with their high-performance DACs come in. Unlike however the "basic" low-cost MP3/MP4 music players we used to see in the market 5 plus years ago (there are actually even more such models today in the market primarily aimed towards non-demanding consumers) most of the new Hi-Res Audio models share many interesting features with today’s smartphones such as touch screens, processors, RAM, wireless connectivity and even operating systems (Android). FiiO is among the most popular music player manufacturers in the market currently and after testing their "entry-level" yet quite interesting M3K model today with us we have their "mid-end" M7 Portable High Resolution Music Player.


Author: Nik; From: Nikktech

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