Buy FiiO's All-new Headphone Amplifier & USB-C DAC K3, Get Free Gifts with Equal Value!

Intro: If you are lucky enough to be in the top 15, you will get a gift package with equal value as the K3!

Speaking of top headphone amplifiers, FiiO E10 must be one of the best. From the evolution of E10, E10K and to the up-to-date K3, it actually reminds us of how FiiO had been evolved and expanded from the early startup. But one thing that hasn't been changed is that we still remain the same with the initial intention to supply our users with the best audio products at the best prices.

To show our appreciation to those who've been supporting us for so long time, even from the very beginning, as well as celebrating the release of K3 (, we invite all of you to join the big event as follows:

*Share Your Using Experiences of FiiO K3 to Win Free Gifts, worth up to $109.99!!!!*


A. About the gifts (according to the sequence of your entry):

1. 1-15th entries (1st prize): 

* Get a refurnished X1 (1st gen) + a third-party Type-C to Type-C cable TC05 (A total value of $109.99)

2. 16-40th entries (2nd prize):
* Get a BTR1K sample unit + short earphone cable LC-3.5AS + Type-C to Type-C cable TC05 (A total value of $72.98)

3. 41-70th entries (3rd prize): 
* Get an IEMs F9 SE (Black) +  Type-C to Type-C cable TC05 (A total value of $69.99)

4. 71-100 entries (4th prize):
* Get a Lightning amplifier i1 (80cm) + Type-C to Type-C cable TC05 (A total value of $49.99)

Note: * The Type C to Type C cable TC05 is not made by FiiO, but a third-party provided cable;

* The X1 are refurnished devices and the BTR1K are sample units which are all in good condition & function well;

* Prices above are estimated value; the winner of the 1st prize are allowed to exchange for lower prize according to the needs;

* You can learn more about the prizes via the links below:
F9 SE:

B. How to enter:

● Buy one K3:  From any authorized online or physical stores outside China mainland

● Make comments or share experience with K3 on any one of the following platforms:
* Amazon: with 3 pictures + 50 words comments
* Facebook/Twitter/ Instgram/Head-Fi or other social media or audio-related forum: with 3 pictures + 150 words comments  

● Send email to with:
1). Purchase proof of order (screenshot for online order / invoice for order made in physical store)
2). Picture of the K3's serial number at upper-right on the back of the package
3). The link and screenshot of sharing
4). Your delivery info with Full name + Address with zip code + Telephone number

C. When to enter:

● No limits on the purchase date of the K3
● Comments/sharing made during the period from December 11th, 2018 to January 10th, 2019;
● Only the first 100 entries will be qualified to get the free gift;
● Entries close at 11:59pm, January 10th, 2019 or when the valid entries reach 100.

1. FiiO may employ your photo/sharing for advertisement purposes;
2. In case of refund to K3, it will get disqualified;
3. FiiO will inform you of the entry sequence and the corresponding gifts by then;
4. The gift will be arranged on details confirmation, by postal service which takes about 15-30 days;
5. FiiO reserves all rights to interpret and amend the rules of this activity as necessary.

Best Regards
FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.