Review: Fiio BTR1K Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

Just over a year ago, we reviewed Fiio’s BTR1, a $50 Bluetooth adapter for wired headphones. At the time, the idea of a competent Bluetooth adapter felt fresh — many were still reeling from the removal of the iPhone’s headphone jack, and wired Lightning adapter options were few and underwhelming. The BTR1 was Fiio’s first entry into this market; we liked it very much, but lamented its lack of AAC and somewhat awkward volume step configuration. In the past year, Fiio has been hard at work expanding this line in both directions — the basic μBTR and premium BTR3. This week, we’re looking at a refresh of the original BTR1 — Fiio’s new BTR1K. It’s got updates in all the right places.


Author: Guido Gabriele; From: iLounge

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