New Arrival: FiiO FA7 Quad Driver Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors is Now Available! (Earphone cable LC-2.5C giveaway links included)


Thanks to Knowles balanced armature driver, FiiO's previous IEMs F9 PRO, FH1 and the FH5 have gained great popularity. For the all-new FA7, it adopts 4 Knowles balanced armatures for each ear unit, what amazing effect will it bring to us?


Some of you may noticed that the FA7 was released in China by Nov. 23rd, the reason it got delayed for more than 1 month for the worldwide release was the domestic demand largely exceeds the supply. Sorry for keep our customers abroad for waiting for so long! 


The all-new FA7 mainly features:

* First mass-produced, 3D printed quad balanced armature IEMs

* A skin-friendly shell made with German high-transparency resin

* Providing stunning sound from 4 Knowles balanced armatures

* CI-22955 (Bass) + ED-29689 (Mids) + dual-BA SWFK-31736 driver (Treble)

* Four-way crossover allows the four drivers to work perfectly in harmony

* Wearing comfort can rival those of custom models

* MMCX connectors, to give you more ways to play

* Comes with the 3.5mm cable LC-3.5B made of silver-plated OCC

* Customize your sound with 13 pairs of ear tips

* Currently available in Geometric Smoke and Abstract Blue/Red combo

* Hi-Res Audio Certification 

You can find more info about the FA7 on our site at:

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To celebrate the release of the FA7, we are giving out one earphone cable LC-2.5C on both Facebook and Twitter. Find more info about LC-2.5C at:


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The worldwide delivery of the FA7 has started from 25th, you can check the post to get the updates:!

If you are interested, check with local sales agent at: for its availability or or kindly buy it at our Aliexpress store if it's not available in your local market at:


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