The FiiO M3K:

As one would expect from such a modestly priced product, the M3K comes in a fairly simple package. Inside the outer white picture box is a black box containing the Player encased in a silicone skin and two smaller boxes containing the paperwork and a USB cable. On the left side of the player are three tactile buttons, Power/Wake, Volume, and Play/Pause. On the bottom are the 3.5mm headphone jack, the micro SD card slot and the micro USB port. On the touchscreen panel you have five backlit functions, Menu, Return, Back, Forward, and Scroll/Enter. To unlock the device after you turn it on or wake from screen off, you can either hit the Wake button again or swipe up the Scroll icon. From the home screen you have five screen choices that can be accessed by swiping the Scroll icon; Browse Files, Category, Recording, Play Settings, and System Settings. For Play Settings you have; Play Mode, Resume Mode, Playback Gap, Max Volume, Default Volume, Fixed Volume Setting, Balance, Equalizer, and Play Through Folders.


Author: Gary Alan Barker; From: HeadphoneGuru

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