Feiao Full Frequency Single-Action Iron Headset FA1 Tmall Starts Pre-sale, Orders and Grabs Free Quotas!


with portable listening equipment, different consumer groups have their own needs for headphones. Facing the endless outstanding products in the market, Feiao's headphones arewon the first place with excellent workmanship and beautiful timbre.2018, flyAo launched the first four-action iron earphone FA7. The fiery response proved Feio's potential and earnest attitude in earphone research and development. In order to help more music lovers find their satisfactory choice, we launched the second pure moving iron headset at the beginning of 2019.--FA1 full-frequency single-action iron headset.(FA1:https://www.fiio.com/fa1)

, FA1 will launch a pre-sale rush in Tmall's "fiio Feiao Flagship Store!also has semi-transparent black and red and blue colors for you to choose from. Collect the store and add FA1 to the shopping cart,Top 200successfully pay the balance will have the opportunity to receive the following benefits:

1. Top 3 exemptions(The ID of the top three of the balance payment is limited to one for each person)

2. No. 4-30 Send RC-BT (Elbow) LC-3.5AS Short Line worth 238 yuan

3. No. 31-100 Send RC-MMCXB worth 198 yuan (2.5 Balance Line)

4. No. 101-200 send HB3 (leather storage box, gift) worth 90 yuancolors are randomly emitted)

1. activity time

1. Pre-sale time:2019-01-1810:00:002019-01-2523:30:00;

2. Timeout of deposit payment: if the deposit is not paid 30 minutes after the order is placed, the order is automatically closed;

3. Overtime period for the final payment: If the final payment is not paid 3 days after the pre-sale is completed, the order is automatically closed;

4. Delivery time: Delivery within 5 days after payment of the balance.

2. active object

the top 200 users who successfully paid the balance, each ID is limited to 5.


1. After the pre-sale activity, the winning list will be announced in Feiao official website and Feiao Tmall flagship store;

2. In any case, once you apply for a refund, you must return the gift at the same time (you do not need to return the gift for exchange);

3. If you have any questions during the purchase process, please contact Feiao.Customer Service(QQ:4000426826).Customer service online hours: 9:00-18:00 on weekdays;

4. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Guangzhou Feiao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Tmall "fiio Feiao Flagship Store" Pre-sale Direct:https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?&id=586362515448

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