20. How to create external m3u playlists for FiiO M3K/M5/M6/M7/M9/M11 using foobar

A: Video help: https://youtu.be/WKLDPGYmi_A

Note: The external playlists are only accessible through "folder", but not " playlist" section.  
In this method, for the music files in SD cards, the external playlists have to be placed in the SD card.
For music files in internal storage, the external playlists have to be placed in the internal storage.

1. Download link of foobar2000: 
Click here
(Or you could download the latest version in the website instead. The opeation are similar. )
2. Please Connect the M3K/M5/M6/M7/M9/M11 to the computer in storage mode first.
(>>>More information about accessing the internal storage/SD card after connecting the 
M6/M7/M9/M11player to the computer: 
Click here
Detailed operation:
1. Add the music files/folders to the root directory of internal storage/SD card of the M player.


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2. Add the same music files/folders in local disk of your computer to the now playing playlist of foobar2000.
3. Choose file-save playlist in the foobar and save the playlist in the desktop of the computer.
Note: For M3K/M5, please save the playlist to the root directory of the M3K/M5. No need to go on working the following step!!
Disonnect the M3K/M5 with the computer. Form file browser, you could find the m3u playlist.

4.  Open the playlist via Note pad:
1)If you are creating the Playlist for music files in internal storage, please replace the 'drive letter'(C/D/E/F) of the playlist to '/storage/emulated/0/', 
2) If you are creating the Playlist for music files in external sd card, please replace the 'drive letter' 
(C/D/E/F)of the playlist to '/storage/external_sd/', like this:
(For M11, the path should be '/storage/external_sd1/' or '/storage/external_sd2/')

Please remember to replace the'\' with the'/' as well:
After finishing replacing the drive letter, please save the playlist:

5. Copy the playlist to the root directory of the internal storage(for 4-1)/external sd card(for 4-2)
6.Disonnect the M6/M7/M9/M11 with the computer. 

Enter FiiO Music-folder and choose the playlist to select the music file you want to play now.