Listening to the White Album in high-res On a Fiio M9 lossless player and FH5 in-ear monitors.


Recently, my friend Alan insisted that I listened to the freshly remastered version of the Beatles' White Album. And that I had to listen to it in high-res. Insisting that I try it on Fiio's M9 lossless audio player and its FH5 in-ear monitors. And, crazily enough, I've come to something of a revelation, because both put together is pretty amazing.


I'd also believed that the price of high-end music gear was designed to take advantage of people whose children have left home. Not to mention that, like the research that says people's enjoyment of wine is based on how much they paid for it, is part of the point. But Fiio's M9 costs just $300, and the headphones a further $260, making it cheaper than Astell and Kern's cheapest DAP.

Author: Daniel Cooper; From: Engadget
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