FiiO M9 Portable High-Resolution Audio Player

We absolutely love to dive into the delicacies of fine audio. A good number of us come from backgrounds in audio, which makes this job all the better when we are given the opportunity to sit down with something like this. Throughout the office we have so many tools and devices at our beck and call, covering everything from small USB DACs to larger more powerful solutions like McIntosh. All of which aids us in the testing of gear that we receive. However, none of these devices are perfectly mobile in themselves (outside of a few USB DAC solutions of course). This is where FiiO steps in with their M9 Portable Hi-Res Audio Player (DAP).


However, calling it a “player” doesn’t quite give it the right title–depending on your definition of “player” at least. When it comes to being a portable music player, it delivers on this quite efficiently. From here though, it extends to so many other tasks. It might be best to describe the M9 as a universal Hi-Res audio solution for both wired and wireless tasks.

Author: JEFFREYB; From: Pocnetwork
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