Value and Conclusion

FiiO M9 has surely been fun to review and listen to, and it has a really nice value point, being priced at 300 USD. I can't wait for FiiO M11 to come out, which will be X5-3 true successor, and maybe a successor to the highly acclaimed X5-2, but right now FiiO M9 feels like it filled a gap that FiiO really left open when they came up with X5-3, but which wasn't exactly an X5-2 successor. Now, M9, priced at 300 USD is much much more than that, with more abilities than either had before. 

The build quality is great, with a fully metallic body, although the ergonomics are slightly hindered by the fact that it has a sharp edge that may cut into your hand. This being said, M9 sports a great battery life, has a long list of whitelisted apps that you can use to stream music, as well as a lot of abilities, including 2-way bluetooth and Airplay, both of which have became quite popular lately. 

The Sound is quite unique, lean and stress-free in the textures, with a touch of warmth added to the upper bass, and with a bit of energy added to the upper midrange and the lower treble. There's also a slight forwardness in those ranges as well, but that makes it a really sweet pair for fuller and smoother sounding IEMs or headphones, like FiiO FH5, Beyerdynamic Xelento or Acoustune HS1650 CU. 

The portability of M9 is also quite excellent, as it has no hiss on the Single Ended output, has a nice battery and sleep life, and since it has a good visibility under direct sunlight. The full metallic body and fairly good wifi signal reception also add to its portability, and so does the hardware volume wheel and the physical navigation buttons. 

If you're looking for a new DAP in the 300 USD price range, and especially if you're looking for Streaming, AirPlay, FiiO Link, and if you have a fuller and smoother sounding IEM, like FiiO FH5, or Beyerdynamic Xelento, you should totally check out FiiO M9, as it may become your music partner for a long time from now on. 

Author: George; From: Audiophile-heaven
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