Fiio M9 Compact HiFi Streaming Audio Player

FiiO is doubling down on its "M" series of digital audio players (DAPs). Since we synops'd the fabulous M7 player, they've dropped two more – the smaller and more affordable M6 and the higher-end M9. We're running down the latter today, and will discuss the M6 soon after. So stay tuned!


Though it may not appear so, the M9 is a bit different animal to the M7 in several ways. Most notably, its audio chops are boosted with 2.5mm TRRS Balanced support and a dual-DAC solution from AKM (AK4490EN×2, to be exact), as opposed to the M7's single ESS SABRE ES9018Q2C chip. This synopsis focuses on deeper usability and audio quality details of the M9.


Cutting to the chase, the M9 polishes up the M7's entirely hard-edged facade with a uniformly rounded side and a smoother metallic finish. The two devices are definitely related, but the M9 certainly feels more premium like its extra cost would suggest. Some of it also has to due with that the screen's placement on the front isn’t wonky like on the M7. Otherwise, if you don’t care for look or feel of your DAP, then it's overall the same kind of deal. And the M9 remains just about as compact despite its increased feature-set.


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