Review - FIIO M6

Overall, the M6 DAP offers a well balanced sound without boosting the lows or highs and still very nice weight and fine touch of extra musicality. There is very good control and dynamics with fine resolution for the suggested price, fair linearity and natural timbre too. It is rich in details without sounding analytical or too revealing.

The bass is well defined, with a fuller touch and good dynamics. There is no extra emphasis or coloration added to low notes, but has great quality and texture. The control is very good too, decent speed, and more importantly, good depth and natural decay when paired with more bassy sets (like Periodic Audio Be and BGVP DMG). The transition from sub to mid-bass and then to lower mids is very smooth, resulting in a lower bleeding to the whole midrange. Missing the last bit of extension and rumble if compared to more expensive players, but well presented for the given price.

The midrange is well rounded, neutral or just a bit more forward depending on the pairing, fairly smooth with a hint of warmth for nicer musical presentation. Very good detail retrieval, clear and accurate too. Resolution is well achieved for the price, micro details are well present, not trying to be too forward on the presentation, what results in a more coherent and natural timbre. The sound is particularly rich with sweet vocals that stand out on some selected gears like the IT01s, IT04, Meze 99 Classics and both CustomArt Fibae IEM.

The highs are also well rounded, neither dark or nor overly bright, which is a good thing for entry-level players that tend to offer emphasis the treble region to appear as more detailed but then result in a more artificial tone. Clarity and control are very good and extension is more than decent, and just like with the bass, missing the last bit of reach and some extra sparkle even with brighter sound earphones.


There are a few audio products that could deserve the title of 'all-rounder', and the FiiO M6 is surely one of those, gathering all the necessary features for a modern portable player. A compact and well built device, easy to operate with a popular, convenient and fast Android platform and responsive full touch screen, very stable firmware and solid battery performance even in Bluetooth mode. Also, multiple wireless features, 2-way Bluetooth, WiFi, works as a DAC, even as wireless amplifier. The white list of allowed apps maybe limited but seems to be updated regularly. And, most importantly, the sound quality is very good for the suggested price, well balanced, accurate and detailed, making a very solid option as a portable music audio player.


Author: Zelda; From: Head-Fi
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