FiiO M6 Portable Music Player Review

For just $150 you’re getting a beautiful 3.2-inch touch display, compatibility with a wide range of Bluetooth formats, and access to various streaming services. What’s more, the M6 also gives iOS users the option to connect the M6 to their Apple device via AirPlay.


There are players out there from the likes of Astell&Kern that cost multiple times what the M6 does but struggle to offer half as much functionality.


Of course, your mileage may vary and so may your needs, but I honestly do feel that the M6 is just about the perfect DAP for my personal needs. The sound quality is perfectly acceptable for on-the-go scenarios, and it’s got enough power for most IEMs.


But, where it really shines is as an easy-to-use and compact transport for hooking up to something like FiiO’s own Q5, the Micro iDSD Black Label, the Mojo, or even the Hugo 2.


But hell, it stacks up beautifully with the little A3 amp too if all you need extra is a bit more juice and perhaps a bass boost.
I do still wish that we got proper dedicated playback controls, especially for using it as a transport, but I suppose for $150 we can’t have everything, right?


The alternative would be the M6’s bigger brother, the M9, which has those dedicated buttons and a few more features, but it does also cost double what the M6 does.


So I think, as a total package, at least currently, the M6 might just pack the most bang-for-buck value of all the dedicated portable players out there.


Author: Theo; From: Samma3a
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