FiiO FH7 Review


We are reviewing the FiiO FH7, the flagship penta-driver, hybrid in-ear monitor from FiiO.

The FiiO FH7 features four balanced armature drivers, 13.6mm dynamic drivers with Beryllium diaphragm and FiiO’s S.TURBO V2.0 acoustic design.

All 4 balanced armatures drivers inside each earpiece are made by Knowles (the most reputable manufacturer of balanced armature drivers). To be more specific, the exact Knowles models inside the FiiO FH7 are the Knowles SWFK-31736 (premium BA built for highs and treble frequencies) and a Knowles DFK custom driver that was specially build for FiiO – the Knowles DFK driver is a custom driver based on the highly popular Knowles 30017.

The FiiO FH7 joins the FH family of earphones (FiiO FH5FiiO FH1) and is added to the latest product releases from the brand, like the:



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