FiiO M9 Review – Modern, Connected Audio Player

FiiO is the company behind many very well regarded DAPs. The FiiO X7 hits the higher end DAP segment while the M3K covers the budget segment. Most importantly, they all give the audio quality and listening experience that audiophiles want for reasonable prices. Today, we review a midrange offering (299USD) with streaming support and a sleek, modern design in the FiiO M9.


The FiiO M9 is a gorgeous, medium sized DAP. With its X” screen and rounded edge on the left side, and an aluminium housing, it sits neatly and comfortably in my average sized hand (I’m around 5’7″ for reference). There are no obvious seams in its design – it looks like it is probably milled out of a single piece of aluminium, giving it quite a premium feeling even at its midrange price point. All the operational buttons sit on the left side. Starting from the top is Power, Volume wheel, Play/Pause, to Next & Previous Track at the bottom.




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