12.Can the BTR5 work as a DAC for the computer, and how?

Yes, the BTR5 can be used as a DAC for computers. BTR5 has built-in excellent independent USB decoding chip XMOS XUF208, which can support up to 384K/DSD256, DSD256. When the BTR5 is turned on and connected to the computer via the USB cable, it automatically enters the USB DAC mode, and the BTR5's display shows the sampling rate information. 

1. After connecting BTR5 to the computer, please install the driver according to our official website.

2. BTR5 is set the Bluetooth priority. If BTR5 Bluetooth is connected normally and is playing a song, the Bluetooth music signal is output preferentially. So when it comes to USB DAC, Bluetooth needs to be disconnected. 

3. BTR5 will also display the sampling rate information when being plugged in, because the USB DAC is recognized by 5V. Somehow BUG will appear, but it will not affect the normal use (the current IC to recognize USB will all have errors, so it is simple to recognized it with 5V)