FiiO Q5s Review: Sound on another Level

FiiO Q5s: An upgrade to your music (Jeff Li/IBTimes)

It doesn't take an audiophile to enjoy good music. As I found out from reviewing the FiiO Q5s, it doesn't even take audiophile level headphones to reproduce good music - but having a good DAC/Amp alone might be enough. In the case of the Q5s, it can even mean doing so without being near a wall socket.

When reading FiiO's introduction of the Q5s, you might be asking the same question as other music 'enthusiasts' (A few notches down from a sound fanatic): 'Isn't this made for Audiophiles?' With jargons like 'Dual AK4493EQ DAC chips' and 'XMOS XUF208' and '768K/32B/Native DSD decoding' it does seem like deep waters to jump into for a mere enthusiast. What I have found out while using the Q5s is that while I might not know exactly how it works, I do know that it works. It produces a distinct improvement from the sound of my current music set up; even though I don't have 'audiophile ears'.



Author:David Herbert  ;

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