M5 and M6 are novel creations from FiiO, tiny DAPs that have both a very portable form factor, but also a good sonic performance, FiiO trying to defy the concept that a small DAP can't sound good with both. Priced at a price point of about 150 USD for M6, and about 100 USD for FiiO M5, they have quite a few competitors, as more and more companies are designing new DAPs that are both affordable and rely on a portable form factor to bring you all the joy and fun of music. 


FiiO has became quite known lately for being one of the largest and most popular audiophile boutique brands, especially with many of their products being used even in flagship or high-end audiophile setups. When it comes to their name and warranty, FiiO lately has been growing so much that you can rely on them better if purchasing their products from the local dealers rather than directly from FiiO, as local dealers will most often replace the entire product with a new one, and provide faster support if any issue is to arise. This being said, from about 10 FiiO products I owned and reviewed to date, and none with issues of any kind, and having received worthy updates for all of them, some of those updates quite interesting, like the latest FiiO Q5S update, I think that FiiO are reliable and make one of the best companies to get your audio delights from, especially if you're on a budget. 

I have decided to make this review a comparative one and include both the M5 and M6 in the same review, because a lot of the questions about each were along the lines of me comparing them, so here we are. 



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