Feiao EH3NC Headset Wearing Noise Reduction Headset: Besides Good Listening

received Feiao EH3NC headset not long ago. The author thought to himself that Feiao was not satisfied with the ring iron and multi-unit moving iron. Why did he wear the big headset? After searching the message a little bit, I found it was still a noise reduction? There is a group of black question marks in my mind... However, what made me turn to Feiao Road before is that this brand of things is becoming more and more mature, and the price has always been maintained at a reasonable level. Manufacturers that can make good products without cutting leeks these days must be praised.

Feiao's EH3NC headset adopts an ear-wrapping design, which is a common design with foldable earmuffs and reversible earmuffs. The connection mode is mainly Bluetooth wireless connection. In addition to sbc and aac, aptX and LDAC are also available. In addition, the wired mode is also essential; and the most amazing thing is that EH3NC can also be used as a USB DAC, and it also serves as a sound card and headset to directly enjoy the music in the computer, which is very interesting. Now let's talk about Feiao's new 1000-yuan headset.

packaging looks very ordinary, Feiao family-style black cardboard box, but after opening it, you will find it is different from other Feiao people: first, a "description card" for the basic operation of headphones, and then a black oval carrying case, with the headphone body lying in the bag. The accessories are mainly two wires: a TYPE-C charging cable (for charging and USB DAC) and a 3.5 to 3.5 audio cable (for wired mode).



EH3NC is relatively atmospheric. Although some details have yet to be carved, the overall appearance is relatively good-looking. The carbon fiber lines on the side panel of the earphone unit are black at first glance, and a closer look at the blue luster is quite pleasing to the eye. The gray earphone body is equipped with mirror carbon fiber lines and a small amount of bright surface embellishment, which has a certain sense of fashion. The only fly in the ointment is the five small lights used for power display/Bluetooth mode indication, which are slightly more direct in design and are more practical than beautiful. For the author who has always loved the feel of physical keys, all keys of EH3NC use physical keys instead of touch operation, which is really very pleasant. Compared with some big-name earphones that need to grope on the panel for half a day and finally make a mistake, EH3NC's physical keys are deep in my heart, and accurate operation can be realized after being familiar with all key positions.





earphones are designed to be relatively wide and soft in leather, which is one of the most comfortable portable earphones I have ever worn. The coating feels good and will not chuck.

EH3NC have been basically explained in the cardboard manual. The principles and rules are similar to those of the current mainstream Bluetooth headsets. The only setting that does not follow the trend is that the Bluetooth pairing of this product needs to press and hold the play key instead of the power key. This needs to be adapted to the habit.



, with regard to noise reduction, combined with the publicity information and product parameters of Feiao in the early stage, it is not difficult to guess that the noise reduction of EH3NC is both "effective" and "gap. Frankly speaking, there is a significant gap between the noise reduction effect and Sony and bose. The author wore EH3NC and took the bus, bus and subway for a week. The overall feeling is that the noise reduction effect is obvious, but it is not outstanding. When taking a vehicle, EH3NC can perfectly filter out regular noise (such as car engine sound, subway vibration sound, etc.), but it does not have a good filtering effect for people who speak loudly, other people's cell phone ringtones and some occasional irregular noises. Although the author knows that this is not intentional by the manufacturer, as a noise reduction big ear without "environmental sound mode", it may be safer?


compared with noise reduction, I think the sound of EH3NC is the bright spot.

this earphone belongs to the type that does not turn on noise reduction is better than turn on noise reduction, and wired mode is better than wireless mode. After the noise reduction is turned on, the middle and low frequencies of the earphones are more abundant, the high frequencies become blurred, and the sound field is also reduced. When noise reduction is turned off, the sound of EH3NC is healthier, but the whole still belongs to the "HuFi" taste of pure popular human voice. When the earphone cable is plugged in and even a small player like Feiao M5 is connected, the real strength of EH3NC sound.


in wired mode, the sound style of EH3NC is not much different from that of Bluetooth (noise reduction is turned off), but the line sense and overall compactness of the sound are higher. If I don't tell the brand and model to listen blindly, I will probably think that this is a Sony headset. Even in the current era when most headphones are "transparent", EH3NC is somewhat "Sony" than Sony ".


EH3NC is a headset that is obviously on the lower plate route. Thanks to the 45mm large moving coil unit, the medium and low frequencies are very full and solid. Both male and female voices can deduce a loose and granular texture. Compared with the adjective "poison", I prefer to use "beautiful" to describe such vocal feelings, especially in players with certain thrust. The texture of the human voice is further optimized, showing excellent popular vocal listening.

high frequency, Feiao has done some darkening treatment. The disadvantage is that it discounts the restoring power of high frequency musical instruments, while the advantage is that it brings more warm and popular vocal performance. In the earplugs of portable headphones that I have heard recently, EH3NC's processing of sound style is quite similar to JVC's FW002.


low frequency, EH3NC can be said to be "full of strength", with sufficient sense of quantity and more full dive. Listening to this earphone, some of which made the author return to the feeling of 10 years ago. At that time, represented by Sennheiser, many brands preferred such large and flexible low frequencies, creating an incomparable atmosphere. And this feature allows EH3NC to enjoy the auditory bonus when watching movies and chasing dramas in addition to enjoying music, which is beautiful.


EH3NC sound field is not wide. It is considered to be quite satisfactory under the listening needs of popular vocals and ACG tracks. The transient performance is somewhat procrastinated because of the preference for the sense of atmosphere, and the overtones are slightly more. Generally speaking, it is a "popular taste" headset that favors popular vocals, ACG, pure music, light rock and other common music types, and it also has good quality. It is worth mentioning that when EH3NC was used as a USB DAC, the sound quality was actually higher than that of wired mode, which was very interesting.

, EH3NC, as Feiao's first headset, is different from similar products in that it has more complete functions and richer usage scenarios. In addition, it is quite capable of playing sound quality and pleasant tuning style at the same price, as well as the 50-hour reverse endurance in Bluetooth mode, which is not only a good choice for burning friends to go out in winter, but also very attractive to ordinary users.


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