a new category of real wireless with good sound quality and secure wear, introduction to UTWS Bluetooth earring

, let's briefly introduce Feiao's UTWS1 real wireless Bluetooth earring. This is a new category. Personally, I think it is still very interesting, especially for enthusiasts who love tossing and sports. Personally, I also like climbing mountains, walking and exercising. I like to use this to listen to music.

as we all know, TWS (real wireless earplug) is the most popular earphone product in the past two years. I took a bus yesterday. Six of them used headphones, but three used airpods (it is not clear whether they are genuine or imitation).

, it can be seen that the progress of science and technology is rapid. TWS not only has obvious advantages over wired headphones and ordinary Bluetooth headphones in user experience, but also has sound quality accepted by the public.

Feiao's Internet direct selling sub-brand also launched EW1 real wireless earplugs not long ago. Therefore, I have some first-hand understanding and knowledge of this market and products. Through the feedback of users, we learned some problems of TWS, including the experience of use. Of course, our users pay more attention to the experience of sound quality. Generally speaking, the use experience is basically satisfactory, that is, the sound quality is not satisfactory enough.

so, what exactly determines the sound quality of TWS?

1. The Bluetooth transmission protocol. At present, it can be divided into two camps. One is to adopt Qualcomm QCC series scheme, which basically supports SBC, AAC and aptX formats. Among them, SBC has the lowest bit rate and the worst sound quality, which is not as good

ordinary MP3 music has good sound quality, AAC is close to 256K code rate MP3 format, and aptX can achieve sound quality close to CD.

2,DAC and Ear. Since all TWS currently include DAC and earpiece integrated chips for power saving and control volume, this depends on different TWS chips. At present, the better sound quality evaluation in the industry is Apple's self-developed chips and Qualcomm's QCC series chips.

3. Design of drive unit and acoustic cavity. Different drive units (including unit structures, such as moving coil, moving iron, ring iron, multi-unit moving iron, multi-moving coil, etc.) have different sound quality. At present, TWS is limited by the volume of the cavity, and most of them use 6mm micro-ring units. The caliber of the unit is small and the quality is limited. And limited by the extremely limited internal acoustic cavity, the sound quality is difficult to hook with HIFI.

To sum up, the sound quality of the current TWS earplugs is still average. Even if the technology advances later, it can support Bluetooth transmission protocols with better sound quality, such as LDAC and aptX HD. The audio performance of the single chip scheme has been greatly improved, and the output power, distortion and signal-to-noise ratio have been greatly improved. Due to the limitation of physical size, the sound quality of TWS will still be greatly limited by the drive unit and acoustic cavity.

Therefore, there is an idea to make the circuit part of TWS earplugs into an independent individual, and at the same time, it can be connected to various earplugs that support replaceable through MMCX or 2PIN interfaces.

in this case, it is actually miniaturizing and wireless the traditional earplugs of the player. What's more ingenious is that since the earplugs currently supporting replaceable lines are basically positioned in the HIFI market, the sound quality is far better than that of ordinary consumer earplugs. Therefore, even if it is limited to the current technology, the highest support is only aptX Bluetooth transmission format, and the quality of Qualcomm QCC3020 chips is limited. It can still obtain good sound quality effect because the sound quality of the connected earplugs is much better than that of ordinary TWS earplugs.

The following is a real wireless earhook called UTWS1 that Feiao went on sale on November 26. Where U is the first letter of "universal" in English, TWS will not be mentioned, and 1 means this is the first model.


the specific features are as follows:

uses high-pass QCC3020 chip and supports SBC/AAC/aptX formats. Bluetooth 5.0 specifications. It has good compatibility with IOS/Android phones and various Bluetooth front ends.

8-hour battery life/100-hour standby. Under normal circumstances, it can completely meet the high-intensity use of one day.

supports standard MMCX and 0.78 double-pin interfaces, which can be suitable for different replaceable earplugs.

is equipped with a portable storage bag, which is convenient to store and carry when not in use.

charging uses a one-to-two Micro USB cable to charge two earrings at the same time.

can be seen:


In addition, you may have some problems. By the way, let's introduce them together.

1. What is the sound quality of UTWS1 in the Feiao product line?

The sound quality ranking of all Bluetooth receivers designed for headphones in Feiao is UTWS1 = uBTR<BTR1K<BTR3<BTR5.

2. Is the bottom noise of UTWS1 large?

limited to the limitation of the QCC3020 itself, although we have done a lot of optimization on the standard reference circuit and successfully reduced the bottom noise by an order of magnitude, there is still a significant gap compared with the HiFi player. Fortunately, this noise is a typical "Sasha Vujacic" soft white noise, which will be covered by music when listening normally and does not affect the appreciation of music.

We recommend UTWS1 earplugs with sensitivity not exceeding 110dB. You can check the sensitivity of the earplugs you use.

3. Does UTWS1 support TWS?

I am very sorry that UTWS1 does not support TWS. Currently, TWS is rarely used on QCC3020 platforms, mainly because there are more bugs. In order not to affect the experience, Feiao does not support it.

4. Is UTWS1 waterproof?

UTWS1 supports life waterproofing, that is, it can release water splash. Therefore, daily use is no problem, but it is not strictly waterproof.

5. How does the UTWS1 version of MMCX ensure the reliability of the connection?

UTWS1 uses the expanded MMCX male head commonly used by Feiao, the reliability is stronger and more durable than other products.

6 and UTWS1 keys?

UTWS1 keys are oxidized and colored with aluminum alloy, so they are beautiful, strong and durable. In addition, the keys also use smaller buttons to avoid discomfort caused by too much button strength.

7. Apart from sound quality, what are the advantages of UTWS1 and ordinary TWS?

Since UTWS1 can be matched with various HiFi earplugs by users, the sound quality of UTWS1 is much better than that of ordinary TWS. In addition, UTWS1 is designed around the ears, and the center of gravity basically falls on the pinna, so it will not cause additional burden on the inner ear. At the same time, because it is designed around the ears, the whole wear is very firm. Whether it is running, jumping or jumping, it can be said that you can think of any way. It is impossible to remove UTWS1 with earplugs from your ears without your hands.

Therefore, UTWS1 is also especially suitable for use in places with many people. It can avoid touching earplugs due to accidental rubbing (I believe many airpods are lost in this way). It is also especially suitable for any sports except water-related sports.