Fiio M6 HiFi Android Audio Player Synopsis – The Tiny and Mighty DAP

Fiio seems like it’s on rapid-fire lately, for better or worse. One of the more compelling high-res digital audio players (DAPs) in the audio wizard’s latest lineup in our opinion is the pleasingly compact M6. It sits in Fiio’s entry/mid-level range of DAPs, but packs features reaching much higher, especially compared to similar-class devices on the market and even the company’s M7 player (which has quickly gotten overshadowed, showing that too fast growth is not the best thing).


The Fiio M6 has more going for it than not. It’s important not to think of it as a TOTL device, but a convenient, bang-for-the-buck one. It’s pleasingly compact and priced well too. The audio is certainly in the “HiFi” realm but just inside the door. We see the M6 as a great gateway into higher fidelity listening. However, something has to be said for grand flexibility of this tiny guy (minus Balanced output). It’s so easy to carry around if you want something better sounding than a smartphone or computer, or can make for an awesome, compact transport for those with an external portable DAC.



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