FiiO M5 Review

At the end of the day in these audio tests when I’m using four figure headphones and DACs to test a $100 DAP, PC DAC, BT Transceiver, and semi sporty touch screen gadgetry, I’ve noted that I’m really going way outside the M5’s range. Once you start figuring that I’ll be using $200 headphones like the Moondrop KXXS or iBasso IT01S with this device, I start to feel differently. The M5 sounds ‘good’, there are no real outstanding audio deficiencies with it. It can be a bit hot around the mids and punches and produces more peaks than it should but at the end of the day, I enjoyed my time with the M5.

The M5 is that battle buddy you bring with you wherever. Traveling? Grab the M5. Wanna go out and keep it light? Grab some sub $200 IEMs and an M5 and you’re ready to bounce.



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