[New Firmware] FiiO releases the new firmware for M6/7/9



The following changes and improvements have been made in the new firmware:

1. Added new option to remove the white list app limitation; You can go to "Settings -> General -> About device" and tap 7 times on 'Kernel version' to remove the limitation,and then reboot the player. After that you will be able to install any third-party apps;(However, kindly note that the player might act slow if running with too many apps. And some third-party apps may not work properly on the player, in which case you can uninstall them in Settings -> General -> Apps);
2. Added 'locate currently playing track with one click' function;
3. Added a new play mode: play single once;
4. Added a new option of viewing the artist/album of the currently playing track in the Now Playing screen;
5. Fixed the issue where the playback would fail in the new version of Amazon Music;
6. Improved the search function (Now when tapping on an album/artist name in the search result, it will direct you to the corresponding list);
7. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Note: The player might act slow if running with too many apps. And some third-party apps may not work properly on the player, in which case you can uninstall them in Settings -> General -> Apps


Please visit the M6 Firmware download page  and download the M6 firmware FW1.0.3


Please visit the M7 Firmware download page  and download the M7 firmware FW1.0.7


Please visit the M9 Firmware download page  and download the M9 firmware FW1.0.6


USB DAC Driver(v4.47.0): Click here

Instruction of installing USB DAC driver on Windows computer: Click here