17.After the K5 Pro is plugged in, it will feel numb to touch the body with your hands. Is this a leakage, is it normal?

Because K5 Pro is a Class II device, it is the same as a desktop computer. In some cases, it may feel numb when you touch the body during use. This is normal and does not cause any safety impact. And laptops that are charging will often encounter this problem. K5Pro's adapter has also passed the safety certifications of China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, and many other countries, and the quality is no problem.
It should be noted that the selection of the K5 Pro's power supply is an optimal result after comprehensive consideration of multiple objective phonemes such as product startup, sound quality, indicators, reliability, certification, and cost. The current power adapter, among all the adapters in our experiments, has the lowest noise, the highest startup success rate, and the best indicators. So please rest assured.