Good news-FiiO FH7, K3, M11, UTWS1 won Headfonia 2019 Best of Year awards!



1.Smaller Pockets: FiiO FH7

The FH7 is the company’s most sophisticated and successful IEM, therefore I decided to include it in our Best Universal IEMs recommendation page.

FiiO have finally managed to create an IEM that sounds correct, coherent and high quality this time around. And with its 450 $ price tag, it’s a wonderful IEM in the Mid-Fi area. Considering the rich package content, build quality, fit and sound, the FH7 deserves great attention in the portable audio market.


2.Best DAC/Amp

Desktop: FiiO K3

One of the biggest underdogs of the year : the FiiO K3. The E10K Olympus was a massive hit, even up to this day, but I couldn’t feel the same vibe coming from the audience regarding the K3. Too bad as it really is the best entry-level DAC you could get this year !

The K3 is so versatile, allowing you to plug almost anything to it on your desktop. It’s powerful enough to drive classic headphones and if you plug another amp to the line-out, it’s just brilliant. It’s a carefully designed product which had to be at least as good as its previous iteration, but the K3 is better in every way.



3. Best DAP

Large Pockets: FiiO M11

With its latest player, FiiO is pushing the last nail in the coffin, taking the crown as the best DAP in the mid-tier section. At the moment, I can’t think of any other player that can compete with the M11 : fluid UI, double micro-SD slot, solid WiFi connection with apk pure and the complete balanced layout.

Again, there are better players out there, if you focus on musical performance only. But, if you want a player, that does it all without costing an arm, the FiiO M11 is the one to go for. So just imagine if a FiiO M15/M17 were to come…



4.Best Accessory


Last but not least, here comes the FiiO UTSW1, another FiiO device ! This Bluetooth ear kit gives you the chance to switch all your IEMs into the wonderful world of… TWS IEM. Just plug the MMCX adapter on each of your ears, et voila !

It’s not as good as a wired connection, by far, but in my opinion this is the future of audio. We’ll see more and more gear like the UTSW1, which supports all majors Bluetooth connection, with better DACs and powerful amplifiers. Or this will sink in the depth of the abyss, like the Pono player, only time will tell.

Meanwhile, I gave a new life to my old CIEM thanks to the Bluetooth connection and the UTSW1.Hurray !


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