15. The difference between FH1s and EA3.

A: First of all, the EA3 is friendly tuning for popular music and suitable for entry-level audiophiles. The frequency response curve of both ends is up that it would perform strongly in bass and treble while the mids vocals would be a little bit backward. Compared to the EA3, the FH1s has higher impedance, performing more balanced bass, mids and treble. The bass would be lessened without texture changing. The mids vocals would be relatively forward. Besides, we have optimized the higher frequency, making it more coherent without any resolution loss, which suits music styles of all kinds.
Second, the material of the sound tubes are different. The FH1s adopted brass material while the EA3 is aluminized, so the treble of the FH1s extends better. The cable material has been upgraded from oxygen-free copper to monocrystalline copper, with wire cores increased to 120.
Third, the FH1s has additional accessories than EA3: foam tips and an HB1 waterproof carrying case.