Notification about Delaying FiiO Spring Festival Holiday


Updated information:


Affected by the NCP, enterprises are not permitted to return work by the government, Consequently, FiiO’s original plan of providing services for after-sales devices from Feb.10th needs to be put off. The specific date will be announced

after determination.


 Thanks for your understanding.  


Distinguished users,


A new type of coronavirus was found in central China’s Wuhan City, which you might be noticing of. In order to do a better protection against viruses and protect the safety of our staff, we have to take the severity of consequence into consideration. Therefore, we would abide by initiatives from the Chinese government. The arrangements of the Spring Festival holiday are as follows.


Firstly, FiiO originally planned to start to work on Feb.1st , but now we have decided to change the working day to be Feb.10th. Any variation would be declared on time.


Secondly, we will provide the after-sales service via online officially from Feb.2nd to Feb.9th. And we will try our best to provide you the best service during our working time.


Thirdly, after-sales maintenance workers will back to work from Feb.10th. Therefore, all the after-sales devices will be restarted from Feb.10th.    


Fourthly, sales and customer service on FiiO official Aliexpress store would be provided from Feb.2nd. During Feb.2nd to 9th, we would arrange delivery for your purchase at full stream. However, due to the delay of delivery services, the update information might be time-lapse. It is estimated that from Feb.10th, the delivery service will return to normal.


Lastly, agents of FiiO all around the world would normally provide sales and afters-sales services as usual for your convenience.  


Even in this critical period, we would try our best to provide better service for our customers. Sincerely ask for your understanding and support. Thank you so much.


Best Regards,

Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.