FiiO M5 Portable Hi-Resolution Music Player Review

 As with past music players we tested the M5 for roughly a month by using a wide range of uncompressed FLAC tracks and even though the end result wasn't quite as impressive as with the M7 and M11 models (in terms of volume levels the M6 is also stronger) we do think that the M5 makes clear that size doesn't really matter that much when it comes to audio quality. Of course, it all comes down to the earphones (IEMs) one will use with the M5 and due to its power output, we'd recommend more sensitive models. That being said the clarity, accuracy and soundstage gap between the M5 and the M7/11 models really stands out when using high-end IEMs as the Carbon by Periodic Audio or the Falcon-C by DUNU and so for very demanding users (and audiophiles) the tiny M5 might just not cut it. That being said audio performance is one step over the M3K model and one step beneath the M6 model, battery life is actually very good for its size (just over 9 hours with earphones and 11 hours when using bluetooth), its compact size is certainly extremely convenient and the USB DAC function is always nice to have. The dual microphones also work extremely well so do keep that in mind if you'd also like to use the M5 for calls or recordings. As for micro SD card compatibility we successfully used up to a 512GB model (largest one we have here currently) but there should be no issues either with the stated maximum supported capacity of 2TB.

   With a current price tag set at USD99.99 inside the USA ( and at 95Euros inside the EU ( the M5 Hi-Resolution music player by FiiO is extremely well priced, for what you’re getting that is. Yes, its audio performance is that much higher compared to the M3K model and it does feature a much smaller battery but at the same time it’s far more compact and features both bluetooth connectivity and a pedometer which is why it also gets our Golden Award.



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