I was making dumplings, fans believed me privately. When will the evaluation of Feiao M15 come out?


evaluation of FiiO M15 come out when fans believe me privately when they make dumplings during the Chinese New Year?

After all, northerners eat dumplings during any festival, especially during the New Year. They are usually either making dumplings or eating dumplings. Oh, by the way, another possibility is to eat the dumplings left over from yesterday.

Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan, He Mei Man.

don't know if this man is from the north or if he is eating dumplings.

, but when I was busy with the reunion during the New Year, I was still studying the spirit of fever, which was really admirable.

I haven't forgotten about it either,feel that if you write an M15 evaluation, it will be like satisfying other people's New Year's resolutions and make people happy.

M15 for more than a month. I believe many people have heard of its popularity and evaluation.

The obvious characteristics of M15,Feiao's flagship model of the year is equipped with a two-chip flagship AK4499 decoding chip., other aspects of the configuration is almost using the best materials at the moment, 8998 the price of such a strong configuration, in similar products belong to the cost-effective explosion. Indeed. It is not too much to say that it is a stacking king.. Also, the functions are extremely rich and comprehensive, and basically include all the functions of similar products.


, the author personally likes to pay attention to a brand, the continuous changes of the product for a long time, the small details of the product itself, and the gratifying place in function or use.

onM15,is the most pleasant thing than the North American imported walnut wood box for M15 this time., after all, the flagship must have the appearance of a flagship. This wooden box is very elegant and beautiful, and it feels good. It looks pleasing to the eye.

However, in terms of accessories, there is no clear water rubber sleeve that has always been attached to the original package. Of course, the manufacturer is not stingy. It is estimated that it is based on the advanced feeling of the overall flagship. After all, the rubber sleeve is very cheap. Therefore, for customers who buy earlier, the manufacturer will send a very delicate M15 special leather case.


. The picture is more intuitive,the central design idea of Roman column, but in my opinion, it still does not jump out of the "national brick" style., exquisite curved glass, fit and precision, of course, need not doubt, very delicate and delicate.is bigger than Feiao's previous players and holds it heavily in his hand.. The 5.15-inch full touch screen has a fine reality. At the shortcut button on the left, there istwo intimate changes, one is the HOLD key to prevent accidental touch, and the other is the custom key, which can realize relatively open and free functions such as one-click song collection, one-click deletion, USB decoding mode switching, EQ switching, etc.. After all, it is convenient to use.


me personallylikes the analog volume knob used by M15 this time., compared with other volume wheels adjusted by "click click" stepless,M15 analog potentiometer is more ceremonial to operate,and more intuitive. Non-infinite setting,there will be no emptiness that the volume cannot be touched.. On the problem of simulating low volume bias of potentiometer, Feiao also specially wrote an accurate algorithm to coordinate, so there is no need to worry about bias. Below the volume knob is a breathing light, blue, which is used to indicate the on/off status and the volume level status. The higher the volume, the brighter the headlight,I feel more sorry that the color of this breathing light cannot be adjusted. After all, I believe not everyone likes this unchangeable blue.

M15 is equipped with three earphone output ports, 2.5mm balance, 4.4mm balance and 3.5 single-ended output,driving force is very strong, the balance port outputs up to 800mW under 32 Ω load and up to 280mW under 300 Ω load. This driving force is sufficient to meet almost all earplug products on the market and most large earphones.


M15 uses Android system. The advantage of Android system is that it can realize various functions and install music APP. The operation is like a mobile phone, which is convenient and easy to understand. Of course, skipping the SRC at the bottom of Android system to improve sound quality is a routine operation and need not be repeated.

,M15 is also equipped with Qualcomm flagship Bluetooth decoding chip CSR8675. USB interface scheme also uses Xmos XUF208 independent control chip with almost the highest specification, supports decoding capability up to 768kHz/32bit, and can hard-work DSD512 format. The master uses Samsung Exynos 7872,3G stores 64GB of body memory, and supports 2TB TF memory card expansion.. How good is the configuration? It is the player with the best configuration among similar products. The specific parameters can be clearly understood online.


So I only emphasize two key points in configuration, one isM15 is equipped with Japanese NDK femtosecond crystal oscillator, with the FPGA clock algorithm independently developed by the third generation Feiao, this is what we often discuss in the fever circle."Femtosecond Clock", I am very familiar with this thing. In addition to playing with some independent clock equipment at ordinary times, I have also come into contact with a lot of equipment equipped with femtosecond clocks. It can be said rudely that clocks and even femtosecond clocks are obviously audible and greatly improved for the improvement of sound quality. Of course, femtosecond clocks are really not cheap. The M15 is equipped with a femtosecond clock, which makes me very happy.

the second focus,M15 has a battery capacity of nearly 8000 mA, this is very important. This one will be used in the coming month,the long endurance of this battery has brought me an excellent experience., typicalsaid I didn't feel it, only after using it did I understand that this large battery has a long endurance.. Most of the players used at ordinary times, while heating, watching the power loss, distracting listening attention, and really less sense of security. M15 this large battery, support fast charging, fast charging, and very durable when used, cancan be played continuously for up to 15 hours., the fuselage does not have much heat. Say something that makes me feel better,M15 I use as a Bluetooth turntable, the battery capacity is almost enough to support a full 7 days, 7 consecutive days 24 hours playing non-stop.I must praise this with so much space.


. I remember that some time ago, I talked to the marketing staff of another brand about tuning, because they have a product that has done a good job in tuning, and they have a good balance in sound analysis and listening. Word of mouth and sales are very good. So I asked him, you simulated the taste well this time, so you sold well, and everyone said yes.

the elder brothers returned to me. Our new product this time is in by going up one flight of stairs on the simulated taste, but the sales volume is not very good. Clients' sense of hearing is very different,some people like the cold and hard analytical style, some people like to add a little simulated taste, and people who really like all simulated taste sounds, we don't think there are many for the time being.. There are not a few enthusiasts who like the cold and hard analytical style. If they can do this, they can basically guarantee market sales. If they choose between quality and listening, there will be a good response. This is a technical job and it is not easy to achieve. Therefore, if we want to keep the market, the most basic sound resolution is easier to convert sales, and the exploration of simulated flavor is actually more risky, which makes us more difficult.


I think of Feiao, many people will think that the tuning of Feiao products is inappropriate-three-frequency balance, good analytical power, but the timbre expression is relatively straightforward, faithful restoration, and lacks some aesthetic feeling. Therefore, people often mention that they like to use Feiao's products as digital turntables. In fact, the reason why I want Feiao to do this is probably because I know too well what the market wants. After all, Feiao brand has a large volume. In order to ensure the normal operation of the brand, most of them take a relatively conservative tuning route to ensure sales volume, while a small number of products seek to explore timbre and then realize their own interpretation of sound concept in the exploration.

M15 this product, I can feel that Feiao has made very subtle and hard polishing in the tuning direction.

is worthy of the M15 flagship product level, Iused DITA's latest flagship DREAM XLS headset, which is praised by enthusiasts as the "king of single-acting circles", for testing.

M15 is highly praised and popular,, my test results on M15 are actually the same as M15 as everyone sounds.

Feiao is best at, with balanced sound bottom and ultra-high analytical power, which can be heard and basically achieved the extreme on M15.

good dynamic and high reduction sound field, which in itself is Feiao's best thing.

big driving force, so that this DITA flagship earplug sound performance is very complete, inI can't find anything wrong with the hard quality level.

importantly, this time the feiao M15 is no longer like the previous products. its voice is somewhat cold, stiff, exciting and dry.

can hear that the sharpness of high frequency is not as strong as usual. Instead, it is more gaseous, more supple extension and more abundant overtones.

the human voice does not appear to be very "plain" as in the past, but a little more warm feelings, and the texture of the sound is no longer prominent edges and corners, but is slightly polished on the edges and corners, which sounds more rounded, thus bringing moisture.

In fact, I have always thought that I have done a good job in the low frequency of Feiao. This time, there may be a little more overtones in the low frequency, which makes the overall sound more relaxed and easily sets off the atmosphere.

important is that on the basis of the original high resolution, the simulated flavor always spreads inadvertently, and it does not destroy the display force and tension of the sound at all., this tuning, as far as I am concerned, is very positive.

M15's interpretation of sound this time,to sum up, high reduction, high resolution, three-frequency balance, a trace of analog tuning is very natural, the overall sound is plump and complete, resistant to listening, suitable for long-term listening, and good-listening. Especially suitable for playing back classical music..


not to mention the materials, this voice alone, I already think it is worthy of the flagship voice and is fully worth the fare.

other than that, almostthe perfect configuration of full luxury flagship chip and materials, powerful and easy-to-use functions and operation, and incomparable performance of products at the same price, especially the 8000 mA ultra-durable large-capacity battery. Sell this price.

Finally, I would like to emphasize in particular that M15 is not only a player, but also a USB decoding ear-to-ear machine, andhas on-board mode as a high-definition lossless sound source for your car..

, as usual,M15 is still very suitable as a digital turntable, whether it is a wireless digital turntable or a USB digital turntable, it is very, very good and worth using in this scenario. It is perfect to go out for portable use and make desktop sound source at home.

I don't want to say anything more, everyone knows anyway.

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