is still familiar with the taste, and the talent is still a little crooked-yes, it is Feiao FH7

Feiao can be regarded as my first teacher who officially entered the fever. He has used it from X1, X3II, X5II to M11, and is still using their K3 and K5PRO. I still remember the refreshing feeling when I carried X1 home from Chengdu Digital Square and plugged in the innovative Air. I walked on drums all the way like an orphan with insufficient IQ ~~ ASS♂WE♂CAN ~~

2Feiao X5K

In fact, the reason why I chose Feiao when I officially started burning is very simple: exquisite workmanship, good-looking shape (although there has always been suspected of plagiarism), smooth and reasonable operation, and up to now it has maintained the highest industrial standard in the same industry except AK. If Feiao wants to make a mobile phone one day, I won't think there is any problem at all.

why do you say that feiao is "millet" in the audio industry with a little bit of talent? let's take a look at feiao's products: excellent workmanship, solid materials and reasonable operation; take a look at their product line, from the headphone player machine to the headphone cable Bluetooth adapter supporting base... is this the rhythm of mijia? to feiao, it is not a big problem to solve the whole family's audio products.

3Feiao K3

and so on, we seem to have forgotten the most important question: for Hifi products, how are their voices? Probably because of the crooked talent, Feiao's voice has been ridiculed as "plain boiled water" and "migrant workers tuning", or simplytune along. As a proud old user, I can tell you very seriously--

what you said (mostly) is right!

now, let's look at the FH7 that has already been shot, what is the voice of Feiao's family. This FH7 was decided by me after AB passed the DK3001PRO at the exhibition. I just wanted to buy a circle of iron to play with and see what level 3K's 1 circle of 4 iron is. Facts have proved that impulse is really the devil......

is still Lebi L4, compared with the earplug GR09.


Feiao FH7

Purchase Price: 2600

5Feiao FH7

modeling & workmanship:★★★★★

there is a saying that FH7 must be full in terms of color value. Not to mention the accessories, there are still a lot of everything. The whole magnesium aluminum alloy material has a similar sandblasting matte appearance, the seams are almost perfectly fitted, and the hand feel and texture are much better than most stoppers I have ever seen, including more than 10,000 yuan (here, especially the name "pull 40,000", the effect diagram and the real thing are different). The circle of Phnom Penh is very exquisite. Some people will think it is a bit coquettish, but I think it is very advanced.


comes standard with eight-core monocrystalline copper silver-plated wire, and the actual thickness is similar to their sterling silver upgrade wire. The wire itself is very soft and has little auscultation effect. The plug and splitter are injection molded with metal shell, which ensures that the appearance and texture will not be very heavy. The practicability is much better than that of using large metal lump hardware. Although the pin is plastic, it is clean and transparent, and it is integrated with silver thread.

6Feiao FH7 Packaging

7Feiao FH7 Family Portrait

buckle is that the wire is still a little heavy, but I have to say that Feiao's aesthetic is really better than many straight men's factories.


first of all, I have to say that I am really strict with wearing it. Some people think it is not OK to wear it properly here. FH7 inherits the customized shape of FH5, and the overall fit with the ear is relatively good.

, there are two hard injuries. One is that the weight of 8.15g on one side is a little obvious, the catheter is shallow in the ear, and the center of gravity is concentrated at the entrance of the ear canal. It is uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Second, although FH7 is a custom-like design, it does not dent the ear nail boat, which also causes pain in the ear nail boat after wearing it for a long time. Of course, if you feel no problem wearing FH5, FW001 and FD01, then FH7 may not be a problem either.


FH7 gives me the overall impression that the three frequencies are slightly tilted at both ends, the high frequency is bright, there are obvious signs of elevation, the analysis is very good, the medium frequency density is high, the human voice is not close to the ear, there is a feeling of lost particles, the low frequency is slightly larger, the speed is fast, the timbre and moving iron are different, the atmosphere is general, the sound field is small, and the dynamics.

1 lap and 4 irons is very strong. If it is a DK3001PRO with the same configuration, because the latter has only listened for a few tens of minutes, it cannot be said that there is a particularly big difference. It can only be said that the DK3001PRO high frequency is not so exciting, obviously the overall is looser and the intermediate frequency is more prominent.

8Feiao FH7

compared with GR09, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious: first of all, FH7 benefits from the advantages of moving iron unit, the extension and density of high frequency are obviously better than GR09, the density of medium frequency is higher, the human voice is more emotional, the atmosphere of low frequency is stronger and the quantity is larger; Secondly, the overall dynamics are also greater, for example, when listening to "21 Guns", the drums before the chorus felt much more (yes, I learned from the old sheep). This kind of sound also makes FH7 have a good "ear edge"-if it is the first ear to hear FH7, it is indeed a very ear-catching thing.

, goose, it was only the first ear... As time went on, I found that this thing had no small shortcomings. Its high-frequency style is exactly the same as the early Dayin DN2000J, and the marks of elevation are particularly obvious. Why am I so sure? Because Zhao Gong told me personally that DN2000J is the Japanese agent who asked to be raised like K3003... Although it is far from the high frequency of killing pigs of "pulling 40,000", it also leads to the eight poles of FH7 and "listening to". I want to pick it after listening for a while. The only advantage is that listening to the violin is OK.

and then the connection problem of the ring iron is still unsolved. I am not talking about the phase, but the timbre. I can obviously feel the difference between the sound of the moving iron and the moving coil. This is not a problem for some people. It is OK to listen to it. However, as a hot friend of qiong, this is a very painful problem.

there are still some minor problems, such as the sound field is slightly narrow, and the human voice occasionally has a harsh "hiss" sound (understand everything). As a popular plug general, it is not good to listen to the big establishment.

9Feiao FH7


to be honest, FH7 seems to me to be a somewhat embarrassing plug., it is like a beautiful girl who is famous on the Internet. When she first saw her, she was amazing and made you want to pursue her. When you catch up with her, you will find that this is not the case. Her character is still painful.FH7 is the flagship plug of Feiao at present. Its configuration, color value, workmanship, wire rod and accessories of 1 circle and 4 iron are all filled with sincerity. It is like a "high-end plug" that sells for 10,000 yuan and the enterprise is going to close down ". However, the sound part is still rather confused. The same circle as FH5 is circle iron or iron. Ten years later, I am still playing with the bright and exciting high frequency of K3003. Uncle, please be gentle, I can't stand such thorns.♂Excitation♂Ah♂~

is that Feiao is really a charity factory, and the low-end is always better than the high-end. For example, in my opinion, X3II > X5II > X1,K5PRO > K3 > M11, is Feiao's stuff really made by engineers patting his ass? Or find some reliable tuners to control the final sound presentation, and don't always expect miracles in the supply chain.

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