let your HiFi headset fly freely with wings, and fly proudly with Bluetooth upgrade line LC-BT2

Why does this article introduce a Bluetooth upgrade line? Before answering this question, let's ask what a Bluetooth upgrade line is and what it can do.


Bluetooth upgrade cable is to change the cable connection between the headset and the audio source to a cable-free connection, that is, to upgrade the wired headset to a Bluetooth wireless headset. The first benefit of wireless connection is that it is free to use and more free. This is very necessary during exercise. Do you think it would be like to run or ride a bike with a long earphone line.


products with the same concept have been available on the market about four or five years ago, such as Astell & Kern's XB10, which can also enable Bluetooth wireless connection between headphones and players, but unfortunately XB10 has not been able to get rid of the shackles of cables. There is a wireless connection between the headset and the player, but there is still a long cable connected between the headset and XB10.


on the other hand, this Feiao LC-BT2 upgrade line, its design is more clever. The appearance draws on the design of the traditional sports neck-mounted Bluetooth headset, and the body can be used with the HiFi headset that supports wire change. The traditional wired HiFi headset is transformed into a wireless Bluetooth HiFi headset, which also gets rid of the shackles of cables, but the LC-BT2 design is much better than XB10.


According to the usual interface specifications of HiFi earphones, it is LC-BT2 divided into two versions, one is the MMCX interface version that is currently most used by replaceable HiFi earphones, and the other is the 0.78mm dual-pin version. The pair of LC-BT2 in my hand belongs to the latter. At that time, it was chosen to match UM Martian. However, after getting it, I found that it seemed better to match Feiao FH1s headphones. Please replace it.


Feiao LC-BT2 has nothing to say, but it is extremely simple. The product picture and model number are "fooled.


is a hard portable storage bag.


storage bag, that is, the LC-BT2 body and a USB Type-C charging cable. All the accessories are the most practical in this bag (in fact, there are no accessories). On the one hand, it can protect LC-BT2, and the most important thing is to protect them together with headphones. After all, HiFi headphones in your hands are not cheap.


Feiao's Chinese note to LC-BT2 is: a neck-mounted sports Bluetooth upgrade line. Why add the word sports? Because the curved part of the LC-BT2, that is, the position in direct contact with the neck, is all made of skin-friendly silicone material, which has the characteristics of anti-sweat and anti-oil, and can resist the invasion of a large amount of sweat during exercise. In addition, it can also have an anti-skid effect, and it is not easy to move when wearing. In addition, the LC-BT2 body is very light, and the neck will not have obvious pressure. The actual use is close to the senseless wearing experience.


silica gel material also has good bending characteristics and can bend angles at will, thus adapting to users with different neck thicknesses.


LC-BT2 are realized through these four keys, which are divided into long press and short press. The most outermost position is the volume reduction key. I think it is very correct to put the volume reduction here, it is within reach, there is no problem with blind operation, and it can be located quickly and accurately. You can think about it, for example, answering the phone with a LC-BT2, assuming that the other person speaks loudly when you just get through, what you want to do immediately is to turn down the volume? The same is true when listening to songs.


LC-BT2 is basically the same, so it is more balanced when wearing. I tried to trot around the playground, but it was still very stable, and there was almost no foreign body sensation in the neck.


the number of digital products with Type-C interfaces is now larger than the number of products with traditional Micro USB ports, so it is enough to take a Type-C cable when going out in the future. The LC-BT2 charging port is also Type-C, which is gratifying.


tried Feiao FH1s headphones and UM Martian headphones, and the 0.78mm pins matched perfectly. For interchangeable headphones, I personally prefer the pin method because the contact is stronger and there will be no poor contact over time.


connecting the left and right earphones adopts a single crystal copper wire core, and the surface of the wire skin is pressed with vertical lines, which can also play a role in preventing sweat and avoid the problem of wire sticking to the skin.


LC-BT2 Bluetooth chip is Qualcomm CSR8675, which is a very mature Bluetooth solution. It Bluetooth 5.0 specifications and supports SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, aptX-HD and LDAC Bluetooth format decoding. The Bluetooth format of the current music can be identified through the LC-BT2 working status indicator. SBC is the mode with the worst sound quality, and the latter ones, such as Sony's LDAC or Qualcomm's own aptX, will have a good sound quality experience.


another is its decoding chip, which uses an independent AK4331 audio decoding chip, with relatively small power consumption and good performance.


LC-BT2 has an output power of 23mW under 32 ohm impedance, the signal-to-noise ratio can reach 109dB, and the total harmonic distortion plus noise value is less than 0.002%. There is no problem in pushing our usual in-ear or flat-head HiFi headphones. The two pairs (Martian and FH1s) in my hand can be easily pushed up, and the sound quality is also good.


tried the connection distance of Bluetooth. If there is no blocking, signals can be transmitted stably within 9 meters. If there is a wall in the middle, the distance between the earphones and the sound source should be controlled within 5 meters. It is quite satisfactory.


to talk about the sound quality performance, I tried the iPhone XS Max, vivo NEX 3 and Feiao M15 players respectively. There is a difference in sound quality, but it is not too big. The iPhone XS Max connects LC-BT2 with AAC, and the vivo NEX 3 and Feiao M15 connect LC-BT2 with LDAC. On the fullness of sound, M15 performs slightly better when connected. In terms of high-frequency control, the iPhone XS Max and vivo NEX 3 are slightly stronger when connected. Is it because I haven't upgraded the firmware of M15? Or is the antenna of the mobile phone better? Although it is all Bluetooth, there is such a difference. At this moment, I don't want to understand why.

LC-BT2 actually emphasizes high-frequency resolution, so it will be counterproductive on headphones like FH1s, because FH1s itself is a pair of headphones that favor high-frequency resolution, and the signal given by the LC-BT2 also emphasizes high-frequency resolution. As a result, high frequency will be overdone, and the sound will sound dry. However, it is much better on Martian headphones. The high frequency resolution is not so high, and the low frequency can be fully displayed. Although sound dyeing certainly exists, it has not deteriorated or even obviously optimized the Martian's listening feeling, and the sound still Martian the original taste.


from the perspective of the amount of sound information, even if it is already LDAC, there is still a big distance from the wired connection. However, if I take the AirPods 2 in my hand as a reference, the amount of sound information in the LC-BT2 is quite large. It sounds like there is no saying of plain boiled water, and the sound of AirPods 2 is undoubtedly plain boiled water. I don't want to listen too much.

a simple evaluation of the sound quality of LC-BT2 does not break through the "curse" of Bluetooth wireless audio, but performs better than many similar products on the market. For example, the presence of sound dyeing also takes into account the good "compatibility" of some multi-unit high-end headphones, making different collocations have different experiences. Regarding the LC-BT2 sound dyeing, you can try to listen to some strings, which are absolutely gorgeous and better than the original sound. But when there is too much low-frequency music, this sound color will be submerged again.


battery life can play music for up to 24 hours, and Bluetooth standby time is up to 350 hours.


has MMCX or 0.78mm pin high-quality HiFi headphones, it is LC-BT2 worth buying and playing. After all, in some occasions, wireless is much more convenient and free than wired.

author:Forever YC03-20 22:12