Never Stop on the Way to Awards Winning FiiO 13 Products are on the 2020 VGP SUMMER List!


In recent years, an increasing number of audiophiles have turned their focus to the Japan VGP Awards, the highest award authorized in the HiFi field. The latest news showed that with 13 products acquired a nice round of applause, FiiO has once again become the attention on the VGP 2020 SUMMER, among which the Q1 Mark II is the portable headphone amp class gold award winner and the M11 Pro the portable music player class winner.       


1. Gold Award in Hi-res Music player (60 thousand-100 thousand yen): M11Pro

On the basis of the M11, FiiO M11Pro has made a substantial optimization for its sound quality. DAC chip upgrade, THX AAA-78 amplifiers adoption in fully-balanced configuration, dual independent crystal oscillators in an upgraded clock system, achieve a leap forward in the sound quality.


2. Gold Award in Portable Headphone Amplifier (below 30 thousand yen): Q1 Mark II

The Q1 Mark II is equipped with the XMOS platform, which supports sampling frequency up to 384kHz/32bit. It also supports native DSD output up to DSD256. It uses high-performance DAC, op-amp and amp chip. It is MFi certified and supports dual Headphone output.


3. Awarded in Hi-res Music Player (150 thousand-300 thousand yen): M15 

The great combination of flagship HiFi player, USB DAC/Amp, Bluetooth DAC/Amp, is the professional flagship FiiO music player, M15. Coupled with dual AK4499 DAC chips, Bluetooth DAC chip CSR8675 and USB DAC chip XMOS XUF208M, the M15 is featured with the powerful processor Exynos 7872, as well as two NDK Femtosecond crystals. Therefore, it allows a sampling rate of 768kHz/32bit and native DSD512, which is so far the highest-end model of FiiO.  


4. Awarded in Hi-res Music Player (40 thousand-60 thousand yen): M11

The M11 stands out among all the players with its outstanding 5.15-inch full-screen design. The Exynos 7872 processor and dual AK4493EQ DAC ensure users a smooth operation experience. With 4.4mm/2.5mm/3.5mm output, it allows more possibilities for Hifi music.


5. Awarded in Hi-res Music Player (20 thousand-30 thousand yen): M6

The M6 is equipped with Wi-Fi and AirPlay function. Plus supports of full-format Bluetooth and two-way LDAC Bluetooth, it brings you high-definition sound qualities of wireless Bluetooth.


6. Awarded in Hi-res Music Player (Below 20 thousand yen): M5

Using the Ingenic X1000E processor+AK4377 high-performance DAC+CSR8675 premium Bluetooth chip, the M5 is a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter. It supports calls, sound recordings, steps counting, touchscreen gestures, etc, in which you can visually see the result of your workout as you enjoy your music.


7. Awarded in Earphone (50 thousand-75 thousand yen): FH7

Four Knowles balanced armature assembly with the addition of a 13.6mm beryllium dynamic driver perfectly covers all parts of the sound frequency spectrum, even adding an 8-stranded monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable. The high-end driver combination and precise acoustic adjustment greatly enhance both the bass and treble. Any music genre could not get off the rock.


8. Awarded in Earphone (10 thousand-20 thousand yen): FA1

Created with an advanced industrial-grade DLP 3D printing technology, the FA1 uses a specially-customized balanced armature driver co-developed by FiiO and Knowles, which especially capitalizes on the strengths of BA drivers for excellent sound.


9. Awarded in Portable Headphone Amplifier (30 thousand-50 thousand yen): Q5s

The Q5s adopts the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol which supports all Bluetooth codecs. It comes with an inclusion of a fully-new AM3E module and has 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm headphone outputs.


10. Awarded in Portable Headphone Amplifier: BTR5

With outstanding characteristics of the Flagship Bluetooth chip CSR8675, high-performance DAC ES9218P, FPGA clock management system, independent control chip XMOS XUF208 and dual independent crystal oscillators, the compact yet powerful BTR5 is a Bluetooth amp that can even compete against a player.  


11. Awarded in Headphone Amplifier (Below 10 thousand yen): μBTR

FiiO μBTR adopts Qualcomm CSR8645 allowing it to support Bluetooth 4.1 as well as the aptX, SBC, and AAC audio codecs. It has independent volume buttons and a built-in microphone, so it has the phone-call function. Besides, the NFC function support makes a quick Bluetooth connection. It can be with you as much as possible with a 9-hour battery life.


12. Awarded in Bluetooth Earphone Cable: UTWS1

The Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC3020 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX/AAC/SBC Bluetooth codecs. High-sensitivity microphones built in both the left and right sides with an addition of intelligent DSP noise cancellation technology leads to an extreme-free experience when answering phone calls, listening to music and working out.


13. Awarded in Earphone Cable: LC-2.5D/LC-4.4D, LC-2.5C/LC-4.4C

LC-D series: high-purity monocrystalline silver Litz earphone cable. It is made of braided Litz wires, 4 strands in a total of 224 wires, which means better conductivity and less audio loss. There are 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced output available, so that much finer detail could be resolved from your music. 


LC-C series: high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable. The purely hand-woven cable is braided by 8 strands of monocrystalline copper cable wire in parallel with each other. Delicate and detailed craftsmanship makes a great contribution to the enhancement of the sound quality with less discomfort to the highs, improved resolution ability and vocal restoration.


What a great honor it is. Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you. Thank you so much for your support and preference.