The Fiio FH1S is an improved version of the FH1. It has the same 1+1 configuration with a 13,6mm dynamic driver coupled with a Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature Driver. The nozzle design is also the same with a brass sound tube on the tip of the earphone. Hybrid designs are all over the market nowadays and it’s nice to see how they have very affordable prices.


The FiiO FH1S also has a new “pressure relief technology”. This reduces ear fatigue and improves the bass quality with 2 ports on the back and the front of the shells. This method is nothing new, but I’m fond of this inclusion for a budget model.

The FH1 was the most likable IEM in their entry-level IEM collection to me. I wasn’t a fan of the F9 and F9 Pro models, but the FH1 pleased my ears to some degree. I’m curious to find out how the S model performs in that regard.  Let’s find out.

Design & Build

The FiiO FH1S doesn’t share the same shape as the FH1 model and the overall appearance has changed quite a bit. The only design element that is reminiscent is the brass nozzle. Everything else is changed in terms of shape except the nozzles. To be honest with you, the FH1S looks like a KZ earphone from distance.



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