FiiO M3 Pro: Feature Packed

The M3 Pro is a fantastic sub-100 USD DAP. It feels like a modern, up-to-date device in both software and physical design thanks to the touch screen interface and beautifully constructed smartphone-like build. Unique features like a voice recorder, calculator, and e-book reader may not be useful for your typical audiophile, but this device seems like it was designed more for a student anyway. For that market, the M3 Pro is way more useful than all but much more expensive Android-based DAPS. Add to those positives tons of power and a very clean output as well as good sound when used as a mobile device, and great sound when functioning as a USB DAC, and you're getting a lot of device for your dollar.


There are some aspects that could be improved upon, such as the lack of a custom EQ (presents only), a picture gallery that is about as far from easy to navigate as it gets, and some choppiness when scrolling through long lists. The lack of Bluetooth support may also be a negative, since if you're like me you find interacting with a tiny Bluetooth module like the BTR3K more appealing. Still, despite these areas of improvement the M3 Pro remains a great device and a joy to carry around on the regular.



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