Review of FiiO Autumn Launch Event in Guangzhou and Tokyo

The FiiO 2017 Autumn Launch Event has come to a successful end. On the launch event, we released 3 (+1) new products including Q5 (Flagship Bluetooth DSD DAC & Amp), FH1 (Dual Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors), F9 (Triple Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors) and the FiiO Music iOS App.


The theme of the launch event is still “Infinity Sound”, which means the wider frequency response and sound stage that brought by the 2.5mm TRRS balanced output. Therefore, the three new products are all balanced which indicates the product lineup of FiiO's balanced products gets further expanded. For the launch event in Tokyo on Nov. 3rd, James attended personally and made a speech as guest speaker and then hurried back home for the launch event in Guangzhou.

Now let's take a brief review for the launch event. You may refer to the real-time report on Head-Fi at:, and a short introduction video of Q5 at


Before the launch event began, our staffs and models were ready to welcome the invited guests.

As usual, we have prepared one gift to all the guests which packed in the lovely canvas bag.

Right before the event starts, all the seats were already occupied.


Part 1: In retrospect

We've shared our main work and achievements for the first half year of 2017 on the summer launch event. To start with, our design director Demond introduced some important things ever since then and honored to invited Marcus Downey— the founder of Headfonics to the event site and made a speech to introduce the situation of FiiO at abroad.


Part 2: FiiO Music iOS App

Then, Demond introduced FiiO Music iOS App with the features of "User-friendly interaction + Exceptional decoding ability + Supports album art display and lyrics + Unlimited music brings unlimited happiness + Supports iOS devices in 4.7 and 5.5 inches + Supports CUE sheet splitting + Supports playing by category + Supports raw DSD output to external DAC & Amplifier, such as Q1MKII".


Part 3: Flagship Bluetooth DSD DAC & AMP Q5

We then witnessed the arrival of Q5. Demond introduced it from the aspects of design, hardware configuration, features, certifications and accessories. 

A. Design: All aluminum alloy CNCed Chassis + PU leather at the rear  + ADC volume adjustment knob + Side functional buttons + Interchangeable amp module design + Fully compatible with the X7/X7MKII's various modules


B. Hardware Configuration: Dual AK4490EN DACs + Being equipped with the XUF208 of XMOS platform + Official Apple MFi certified chips + Use Qualcomm CSR8670 as the Bluetooth chip + Power supply filter and switching circuit + Professional audio architecture circuit + 3800mAh rechargeable lithium battery


C. Features: USB DAC supports 384k/32bit and DSD256 + Dual Micro USB ports + Aux/Coax/Optical 3-in-1 composite output port + Line Out/ Bundled with AM3A serving up both balanced and single-ended headphone output + Input detection + Supports Bluetooth aptX + Gain and Bass boost + Idle time power off + Intelligent power control + Working status indicator + USB input + Supports devices with WM port + Coaxial input + Optical input + Line input + Bluetooth input + DSD indicator + Docking function (K5)


D. Certificates: Honored to obtain three great certificates-- Hi-Res audio certification + Apple MFi certification +Bluetooth aptX certification (can be checked on Qualcomm website)


E. Color / Accessories: Titanium; Provided with Lightning-Micro USB cable + USB cable + Silicone bands (long + short) + 3.5mm coaxial adapter cable + 3.5mm optical adapter + 3.5mm audio cable + Silicone pad + Cloth carrying pouch


Retail Price in USA: $349.99

Market release date: Estimated in December, 2017

After the introduction of App and Q5, it's our product manager Matt (always act as the host of FiiO launch event) to introduce the new IEMs FH1 and F9 PRO that had both utilized the Balanced Armature of Knowles.


Part 4: Dual Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors FH1

A. Selling points: Authorized to use the Knowles logo + 1 Dynamic (Composite polymeric titanium diaphragm) and 1 Balanced Armature (Knowles 33518) dual drivers + Brass sound tube + Balanced tuning and precise frequency division + Hi-Res Audio certified + Detachable cable design + Over-the-ear design + In-line remote control + Built-in microphone for quality phone calls


B. Design: Metal Hoop-Blue for Left/ Red for Right + Nano-thermal Spray + Skin-friendly Material + Better Wearing Experience + ABS Electroplated Silver Decoration + L-shaped Plug + Anodizing Aluminum Alloy+ CD-texture Cap for Plug


C. Color / Accessories / QC: Available in Grey Black, Sky Blue, Chinese Red and Emerald Green; Come with one 3.5mm single-ended audio cable with in-line control and 2.5mm balanced cable + provided 6 pairs of ear tips & waterproof carrying case + Strict quality control


Retail Price in USA: $74.99

Market release date: Estimated by November 15th, 2017


Part 5: Triple Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors F9 PRO

A. Selling points: 1 Dynamic (PEK Polymer Nanocomposite Diaphragm) + 2 Balanced Armatures (TWFK-30017-000 Knowles Dual BA drivers TWFK-30017-000) + Hi-Res Audio Certified + Red & Blue Metal Hoop Decorating the MMCX Connector + Over-the-ear Design + L-shaped plug+ Laser-marks+ Metal Hoop


B. Color / Accessories / QC: Titanium; Come with one 3.5mm single-ended audio cable with in-line control and 2.5mm balanced cable + provided with Neoprene Storage Bag & waterproof carrying case & 3 Pairs of Memory Foam / Silicone Ear Tips  & 3 pairs of thread ear tips + 6 pairs of silica gel ear tips + Strict quality control


Retail Price in USA: $139.99

Market release date: Estimated by November 15th, 2017


Part 6: Signing Ceremony between FiiO and Knowles + Giving back to society

Knowles pays great attention to the cooperation with FiiO, so they specially grant us to use the logo of Knowles on our product package as well as promotion. On the event, FiiO and Knowles signed a trademark authorization.

With the expanding of FiiO, we also contribute our own efforts to help others. It's the second time we donate to a special school with 150,000 RMB. Students from the school also performed a recitation and singing at the site.

After then, it's time for the models to display the newly released products.

Thank you all for the kind attention to our launch event. May we meet again at our next launch event!