FiiO releases the new official firmware FW1.4.1 for X1II

The following changes and improvements have been made to FW1.4.1 compared to FW1.3.3:


1. Added option to wake up the screen by holding the OK button, but only applicable to Lockscreen 2 and Lockscreen 3 (System setting->Key-lock setting) and while not in Standby mode.
2. Fixed issue with hidden files stored by a Mac OS computer accessing the micro card on the X1 2nd gen;
3. Fixed issue where some tracks could not be played updated or would cause system crash or their bit depth was displayed incorrectly;
4. Fixed issue where in some cases the track would be played but with no headphone output;
5. Fixed issue of incorrect display of some file names, Album names and Artist names;
6. Fixed issue where the player would not continue to play after deleting a track;
7. Fixed issue where after shuffle playing all the songs in a list the player would continue to play the last track repeatedly;
8. Fixed issue where the process of turning on Bluetooth when waking up the player from deep standby (if Bluetooth was enabled previously) could not be cancelled by pressing the Return/Back button;
9. Fixed issue where PO (headphone out) would switch to LO (line out) automatically when connecting to a Bluetooth remote such as RM1;
10. Changed the priority level for PO / LO and Bluetooth output (now the latter connected device gets the priority);
11. Optimized Bluetooth interference noise in some cases;
12. Miscellaneous bug fixes.


X1II FW1.4.1>>Download Address

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