FiiO Releases FW1.3.3 for All New X1


It's been 21 days since the X1 second generation was launched. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, we're glad to have the FW1.3.3 for X1 second generation on the beginning of November. 


The following changes and improvements were made to FW1.3.3 compared to FW1.2


1. Fixed issue where the player might freeze when playing AAC files and output via Bluetooth;
2. Fixed issue where skipping songs in fast speed when playing AAC files might cause system crash;
3. Fixed issue where 16-bit WMA tracks would be displayed as 24-bit;
4. Fixed issue where the player could not wake up properly from standby mode after playing WMA files;
5. Fixed issue where the player would freeze when playing some tracks with the album cover dimensions larger than 1024x1024;
6. Fixed issue where playing some WMA files might cause abnormal output sound or system crash;
7. Fixed issue where adjusting the volume when music is paused would not take effect immediately after resuming the playback until you press the volume button again;
8. Fixed issue where some tracks with special characters in their names could not be found;
9. Miscellaneous bug fixes of UI or functions.


Download the FW1.3.3: Click here

How to update: Click here