Buy One X3II Get Five Free Products for Only $199.99!

Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule. FiiO also hope to bring happiness to our users with the provided products and service, which is also the key value of FiiO. To appreciate the support and trust of our customers, FiiO introduced a preferential package of X3II! One X3II plus one free EX1 for 199.99USD with free shipping! Besides, you can get a 16G Micro SD card, X3II leather case, HS7 storage case and FiiO T-shirt for free! You can buy it for your family or friends, let them feel the beauty of music as you do.


Sale period: Limited quantity, while the stocks last!
Open to all interested customers!
Shopping platform: AliExpress
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EX1: Click here.


Event details:
1. 199.99USD for 1*X3II, 1*EX1, 1*X3II leather case, 1*16G Micro SD card, 1*HS7 and 1*T-shirt during the promotional period. Please leave us a message about the size (L, XL, XXL, XXXL) and color (Black and Red) of T-shirt and color (Blue and Red) of HS7 you need after your purchase. Otherwise we will arrange shipment randomly.
2. Free shipping to destination (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc).
3. Matters needing attention for the purchase:
A. Please pay for your order promptly after placing it, we will deliver the goods according to the sequence of your payment.
B. We will arrange the delivery within 72 hours after your payment.
C. Please provide your detailed address, contact, phone number and the type of express you like while placing the order.

PS: We could not be sure about the exact delivery time. So we will not be responsible for that if the goods could not reach you within stipulated time due to holiday or other force majeure factors. Anyone who files a dispute and asks for full refund on that will be no longer qualified to enjoy any discount of FiiO’s products.


1. This activity serves with limited quantity, first come first serve. While stocks last!
2. Each account could buy up to 2 units during the promotional period.
3. FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. reserves all rights to interpret and / or revise the terms of the present sales activity.