FiiO M3 Pro Review

Overall, the FiiO M3 Pro is an enjoyable little DAP that ought not replace more audiophile-serious components but rather fill in a gap where an affordable offering is needed. The elegant design which mimics a miniature modern smartphone is a nice touch which highlights FiiO’s continual refinement process. Aesthetics aside, the M3 Pro is a capable player supporting USB DAC functionality and its own highly efficient, low power consuming processor. While there is no inclusion of streaming or Bluetooth, the ability to access 2 terabytes of tracks from a small device is a compelling feature. Some areas of improvement could be the incorporation of a search bar, a smoother UI experience and perhaps a home button for ease of use. With that said, FiiO have done well to keep price down to a minimal for what users get and the M3 Pro is a pure delight. For those wanting to get in on the sub $100 DAP market, the M3 Pro should be a no-brainer consideration.



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