FiiO FD1 Review – Faster Pussycat

This is another glass half full/half empty situation. You get a lot of technical abilities for your $70. The FiiO FD1 are an attractive choice for people who like a lively, dynamic sound that does not need amplification. They will shine particularly with electronic or rock music and not so much with classical or acoustic music. Because of their elevated sub-bass, they are well suited for the daily commute, as this signature counters the street noise.

On the other hand, the Beryllium coating makes the drivers very fast so that you perceive the dynamics are overdone if you expect natural reproduction: the FiiO FD1 is very punchy (inasmuch as the Tin Hifi T2 Plus is not) and therefore not quite laid back.

Independent of my rant, I kept pulling them out to use on my neighbourhood walks.

Until next time…keep on listening!



Author: Jürgen Kraus; From:

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