EX1+A1 Prototype Sale


To let potential customers appreciate the sound quality of our new EX1 In-Ear Monitors coupled with our amplifier products, we have put together the special New Year EX1+A1 prototype sale package.


The A1 is FiiO’s upcoming micro-sized headphone amplifier for the year 2016 and it's also the upgraded version of E06.


Sale period: Limited quantity, while the stocks last!

Open to all interested customers!

Price: 69.99USD

Purchase platform:  Aliexpress

Purchase link: Click here



After designing and making a trial production run of the new A1 amplifier, FiiO discovered that the manufacturer of certain IC chips employed in the prototype A1 design has uncertain quality variance issues.  Thus we redesigned the A1’s to be mass produced in 2016 around other ICs.  Meanwhile, we have tested the A1 prototypes produced under the original designs, picked some sets with exemplary performance (i.e. their ICs not being affected by said quality variance) and bundled them for free with the EX1 in the present sale.

1. Notes for customers:

A, Please complete the purchase (including placing order and checking out with payment) as soon as possible to receive prompt delivery of the package.


B, We will arrange to mail the package within 48 hours of receiving payment.


C, Please provide the following details for prompt delivery: name of recipient / contact person, shipping address, and (required for express shipping) contact phone number.


D, Netherland post shipping is included with the purchase.  If express shipping (such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc.) is desired, 20USD extra shipping cost will be required.  Otherwise, please be patient while air mail takes its longer time delivering the package to you.


1, This sale is of limited quantity. Offer only valid while stocks last in the promotional period (starting from 1st January 2016).
2, The A1’s sold in the present promotion will be labelled NOT FOR SALE. Customers are requested not to resell them for profit.
3, Only one set will be sold to each customer.

4, Customers are eligible for free warranty repair within the standard warranty period for the free A1’s bundled in this sale, but not replacement with new units. Customers are required to provide proof of purchase from our Aliexpress store for warranty service of these prototype A1’s. Standard warranty service and replacement terms apply for the EX1’s in this sale.

5, FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. reserves all rights to interpret and / or revise the terms of the present sales activity.