Christmas Package--FiiO Releases X7 New Firmware FW1.5

The following changes and improvements were made to FW1.5 compared to FW1.4:

1. Fixed the Google frame and built in Google Play Store.
2. Fixed issue of abnormal shutdown when Idle poweroff/Sleep is set on.
3. Added pop-up dialog box when stwiching between Andriod Mode and Pure Music Mode.
4. Replaced the built-in File Manager with ES File Explorer that can be uninstalled.
5. Added support to AM1, AM2, AM3 and future amplifier modules.
6. Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Note: Firmware version 1.3 and above will get push notifications for updates automatically over-the-air, so you can update it via OTA after connecting to WiFi. If there is no push notifications for FW1.5, please kindly re-connect to WiFi or restart the X7. Or if the X7 is not with firmware version 1.3, you may still need to download the firmware file to update.


X7 FW 1.5: >> Download link
How to upgrade the X7 firmware: >> Click here
X7 App installation tutorial: >> Click here